06 January 2015

black. blue.

It's definitely winter. All I want to wear is Uniqlo's Heattech layers under sweaters with an extra pair of socks. For Lindsay's birthday brunch back in December I wore this easy black and blue outfit to stay warm on the city streets. Though not quite as cold then as it is now, it was good practice for frigid days. It was also one of the first times I was able to wear actual heels since my accident in August and the first time I got to wear my new Vagabond boots outside of the house. Now that I'm a bit of an expert, my advice is that if you ever have a hip or a leg injury make sure you get rubber soled shoes, even high heels. The heel on these is sturdy but cushions your step on the sidewalks. As an added bonus, being able to lace them makes them even more comfortable when you can tighten and loosen them as needed.
BDG corduroy skirt (similar here in red)
Vagabond Grace boots
A Wool Story hat
Topshop coat (similar here)
Uniqlo tights and turtleneck
Clare Vivier bag


  1. love this look

    giveaway on my blog


  2. Yes I have terrible hips and even worse knees - rubber soles are everything! Especially when navigating the pot holes etc of NYC lol...

    xx Larisa

  3. You are beautiful and I LOVE this outfit!

    Maria xxx

  4. I'm really curious about the uniqlo heatwear! I should try it at some point.

  5. Wow I really love your Skirt <3

    All the best,
    Clarissa from

  6. You so cute (I'm catching up on my blog reading in case you hadn't noticed:)) 'm really glad you're healing up from the accident. I MISS YOU!


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