28 December 2014

diamond snowflake

engagement ring
Rich really outdid himself with my engagement ring. Not only is it a one of a kind Edwardian antique, but its a part of his family's history. Its thought that it belonged to his grandfather's grandmother or mother but the details are fuzzy on this point. I found out that he'd gotten his grandmother's blessing to propose to me with this particular ring almost a year ago. After his grandmother passed away this past fall he told his aunt who was holding on to it that it was time. He did a lot of research on its history, how it was made and where and got it cleaned up and learned about its history. It was made before 1900 in Ireland and is made of white gold and diamonds. There is some beautiful filigree in need of repair, which I plan to have done and needs a slight resizing. The center diamond is an old transition cut with ten small old mine cut diamonds surrounding it in a bezel setting and they came from the British Isles.
At first I wasn't really sure how I felt about it, but I think it was just the shock and the anxiety surrounding what a huge step this is in our lives. It reminds me of the first snowflake of the first snow. Sparkling and perfect and filled with hope and anticipation. Can you tell how happy I am?


  1. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I really mean that! A lot of engagement rings I see I don't really care for, but this one is both gorgeous and special because of it's history. Congrats again! Rich did real good!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty in love with it, but it took me a few hours to come around ;)

  2. This is so beautiful! Congrats to you two! Having a ring with history is a beautiful thing.

    xx Larisa @ weheartbeauty.com

  3. I think it's gorgeous and that it suits you perfectly! Best of luck :)

  4. OK SO I HAD SEEN THE RING BUT I DIDN'T KNOW THE WHOLE HEIRLOOM STORY OMG THAT IS INCREDIBLE (I was going to say precious but then that queued a whole slew of gollum/lotr jokes and I thought it was best for everyone if I withheld)

    Honestly though, it is one of the most beautiful rings I've ever seen. As someone already said, I generally dislike a lot of engagement rings but that one is just so lovely. EEK! YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!


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