25 December 2014

by the christmas tree

We're engaged
Rich and I are getting married!
Last Friday night I came home after a happy hour with my work friends and was totally exhausted. The next day was our annual holiday party. Rich was cleaning and I was insisting we do it in the morning. He was behind the tree getting something out of the closet when I heard a crash. He told me an ornament fell and broke, and needed me to get the dustpan and broom. I went to the kitchen closet to get it and when I turned the corner there he was right by our Christmas tree, down on one knee.
I'm pretty sure after he asked I said, "Um, I guess."
I was stunned into complete silence and so nervous I couldn't stop shaking. A few days later it still doesn't even feel real yet. We talked until late into the night about how we wanted our married life together to be, and even if we're not always this perfectly happy it makes for a pretty good start. We're going to be a team for the rest of our lives and its the best Christmas gift I've ever received.

Note: Rich did really good by asking me while it was just us at home, the picture is from our party on Saturday night.


  1. Congratulations!! I saw this on Instagram and I'm so glad you shared this here! Rich had a good plan getting you to leave the room, did he actually break an ornament? I'm so happy for you two!

    1. YES! He bought some inexpensive ones to purposefully break! Now every time I see its twin on the tree I'll think of him proposing.

  2. I was so happy to see this. Lots of love to you both! A sweet way to propose and I know you'll have a long and happy married life!xxx

  3. Congratulations, that's so wonderful! The way he did it was so sweet and a surprise! Plus that is a great picture from your party. Sounds like the best Christmas gift yet so far :)

    -Leah M.

  4. Big huge congratulation! Sounds so sweet!!!

  5. Congratulations!!! What a unique and gorgeous ring <3


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