07 November 2014

amsterdam: tourist day

After an evening and a day spent wandering around Amsterdam, we geared ourselves up to spend and entire day doing "tourist things." Visiting the major sites and of course the Red Light District and the oldest parts of the city. Our canal tour the previous afternoon was an excellent choice since it helped give us a sense of direction when we'd recognize something as we bounced around from place to place.
Starting from the very moment I woke up, I caught Rich sitting by the window looking at all the bikes and cars going by on Ferdinand Bolstraat during the morning rush.
amsterdam/de pijp
After sandwiches and coffee we made our way to the Albert Cuyp market and picked up some berries as a snack and checked out all the stalls. I found the bunny lamp of my dreams at Kwinkel voor Kinderen, bought a huge hunk of aged Gouda cheese and
We walked along the canals and met this little creature. Any idea what he is?
Walked past Heineken but opted not to go in. We had to draw the "touristy stuff" line somewhere.
I asked some strangers to snap a picture of us: hence the editing.
Bugged Rich into letting me check out this fantastic vintage store chock full of pristine vintage gems and repurposed peices.
Wandered down little streets and past a comic book store with an orange cat standing guard.
We kept walking up into Dam Square and had overpriced coffee by Nieuwe Kerk, and went on into the famous Red Light District. Not really my thing, but interesting to see. The culture might be generally less uptight there, but I felt uncomfortable with half naked girls sitting in windows texting and fixing their lipstick. I chalked it up to my Puritanical American upbringing and led the way back into the Nine Streets neighborhood.
red light district
Stopping for sandwiches and Cokes.
Coke break
Off to Katten Kabinet, dedicated to art depicting cats.
katten kabinet
cool cats
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