13 October 2014

amsterdam, hello!

Aaaand we're back from our trip to Amsterdam and Brussels! It goes without saying, it was fantastic. We flew out after work Friday night and after a quick change of planes in Dublin arrived in Amsterdam ready to party.
Outside Ruis
After getting to the hotel we wandered around De Pijp until we stumbled on a pretty square shaded by huge tulip trees and outdoor seating for cafes and stopped for beers and a snack.
Mystery meatballs
Bitterballen and beer at Cafe Ruis.
De Pijp
By coincidence Chris and Brianna were in Amsterdam at the same time as us, we met up and wandered off to dinner at De Duvel. I ate beef carpaccio for the first time but didn't snap a picture! I'm so much more adventurous about food when I'm travelling, "raw beef! sure, why not!"
We went for cheap beers at this weird little bar we stumbled on, and after that ended up at Gollem. The bartender at Cafe Ruis recommended it and it was exactly the kind of place I'd been hoping to find when I was planning the trip.
These guys
Gollem was fantastic with a huge selection of hard to find beers. Rich was pretty excited about a Westvleteren 12 that he'd been talking about forever. A pretty great start to our time in Amsterdam.


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