21 October 2014

amsterdam day 1

On our second day in Amsterdam we started off our day with a late breakfast at Kofi-T. Huge "Americano" coffees and cheese sandwiches accompanied by bike watching.
good morning amsterdam
cheese sandwich
Bike watching on Ferdinand Bolstraat
ferdinand bolstraat
I haven't been able to wear anything but sneakers and loose fitting clothes since my bike accident, which sucks but I liked this slouchy look. Toast UK skirt, Everlane tee, Vans, my denim jacket from 2001 and Fjallraven backpack.
hi hi!
My #1 reason for the trip, the Rijksmuseum!
It was wonderful inside, we saw The Night Watch by Rembrandt and my two favorite paintings by Vermeer: The Milkmaid and The Love Letter. I love paintings of bright morning light filtering through windows.
the night watch
After the museum we were wandering around in a haze past the the Museumplein when Rich started waving. I thought he was saying hi to the pigeons (he does that) but it turned out to be Brianna and Chris picnicking on a hill. It was their last day in town so we tagged along on a canal tour with them.
We cruised around the canals of Amsterdam people watching.
canal cruise
indoor outdoor
Hi Brianna!
Captain Dog
boat pup
Watching the sunset and moms on bikes with their babies
the canals
Passed a really fun looking bar...
And tilting buildings.
tilting buildings
Afterwards we went for pancakes and coffee and made our way back to De Pijp for beers at Troost.

13 October 2014

amsterdam, hello!

Aaaand we're back from our trip to Amsterdam and Brussels! It goes without saying, it was fantastic. We flew out after work Friday night and after a quick change of planes in Dublin arrived in Amsterdam ready to party.
Outside Ruis
After getting to the hotel we wandered around De Pijp until we stumbled on a pretty square shaded by huge tulip trees and outdoor seating for cafes and stopped for beers and a snack.
Mystery meatballs
Bitterballen and beer at Cafe Ruis.
De Pijp
By coincidence Chris and Brianna were in Amsterdam at the same time as us, we met up and wandered off to dinner at De Duvel. I ate beef carpaccio for the first time but didn't snap a picture! I'm so much more adventurous about food when I'm travelling, "raw beef! sure, why not!"
We went for cheap beers at this weird little bar we stumbled on, and after that ended up at Gollem. The bartender at Cafe Ruis recommended it and it was exactly the kind of place I'd been hoping to find when I was planning the trip.
These guys
Gollem was fantastic with a huge selection of hard to find beers. Rich was pretty excited about a Westvleteren 12 that he'd been talking about forever. A pretty great start to our time in Amsterdam.
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