10 September 2014

the terrible week

In case you hadn't heard, about 2 weeks ago I was biking home from the train station and was hit by a car. I'm not sure how much I should say here about it since there is a legal aspect I have to consider. What I can say is that I didn't have any catastrophic injuries; I didn't lose consciousness or hit my head and I didn't break any bones. I'm wicked banged up though and I was in shock and dealing with some serious panic over having to leave the house for about a week afterwards. It's probably the most terrified I've ever been in my life. There's a whole lot more, but like I said I'm not sure how much I can say.
Everyone's been wonderful to me about being extra weird, and I appreciate that so much more than I can say.
Midway through the week that this happened, Rich's grandma passed away. It was so very sad seeing his family say their tearful goodbye's to such a beloved person, but it was comforting to have everyone around. Rich's family is filled with great people who know how to make even the saddest events a loving celebration.
It was an all around terrible week. Now I'm back at work catching up on about 10 million emails but I'll be back soon with lots of nice things.
(The pictures are of Rich checking out the damage on my bike, and my time spent hanging out on the couch)


  1. Oh wow, that must have been so terrifying! As someone who bikes a lot, I know I sometimes put myself in danger and how lucky I am that I very rarely fall or hit anything, but accidents do happen and your's must have been super scary. I am really sorry about the passing of Rich's grandma. I wish you all the best! You're a lovely gal and you're gonna pull through for sure, it's just a rough patch :)
    hugs, Ana

  2. oh my god, I'm so glad you're okay!


  3. nnnoooooo!!!!! aahh Kallie I'm so sorry- and glad you're okay and it wasn't worse! how scary:( sad I couldn't come give you a hug and watch silly movies with ice cream. hope you have an amazing week soon to balance it all out!

  4. V (long time lurker)September 11, 2014 at 12:39 AM

    Ohmygoodness, I'm so glad to hear you're okay.
    Sending good vibes to you from across the world =)

  5. So sorry to read this Kallie! I'm glad that you're okay and that you don't have any injuries. We had a terrible car accident in the family so I may be extra uneasy with cars. Sorry also about Rich's grandma. Hope you'll soon have good times to cheer up!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  6. That really is a horrible week! It's easy to forget about the emotional damage accidents can cause. Wishing you both love and sending good vibes from across the pond x

    p.s. kitten cuddles work wonders!

  7. Oh my word! I'm so sorry -- what a terrible week indeed! I'll be thinking about you both and I hope things turn around.

  8. Oh god, that is awful, sending you lots of love!

    Maria xxx

  9. Holy crap! That's definitely not something you ever expect to happen to you. I'm so glad you weren't badly hurt. That's crazy. I wish you the best of luck recovering! I hope things look up soon.

  10. superb! Really nice post sis, excited to see more xx Peach


  11. so sorry to hear about your terrible week - I can imagine you were terrified after the accident. hope you're back on your feet (and your bike) soon!

  12. What a shitty bike. after reading this I kinda wished you'd a get kicked by a horse.But I cant say anything, Its a legal matter

  13. That sounds very terrible. I hope you heal fast. Have fun with those emails!

  14. Oh god, that IS the actual worst week of all time. I'm so sorry bae! I had no idea you'd been hit by a car, I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying it was. I'm so, so glad you're okay though. Ugh, what a pile of poop. <3 <3 Many hugs and love. I know this is a super late comment but WHATEVER.


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