25 August 2014


Here's how I looked for a double date on Friday night. I was supposed to have the day off but ended up having to go in to work, so I was a bit dishevelled and thoroughly exhausted so I uncharacteristically opted for pants. Comfy high waisted black trousers for the lazy side of me and a super sexy backless halter crop top to take it up a notch. The denim jacket was a last minute decision so that I wouldn't lose my top in the breeze.
Clare Vivier Messenger Bag
Moheda Betty clogs
Elevenses trousers (similar here)
American Apparel halter top
Abercrombie denim jacket circa 2002 (similar from asos and A&F)


  1. very sexy, nice tan! I have trousers like those that I wear ALL the time.

  2. It's an understated sexy look :) And comfy is always the best choice. I love tops like that! Unfortunately, I can't get away with forgoing a bra, so they just don't work for me. But I have been trying to get more crop tops in my life.

  3. You look amazing here and so tanned!

    Maria xxx


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