18 August 2014


Its been a good summer for biking, and thus outfits to bike in. Its been nothing but high waisted shorts and cropped tee shirts in various combos around here and lots and lots of vintage. Two years ago I picked up these shorts and finally got around to having them shortened last summer but by that time it was too cold out to wear them. You know how that happens? You keep meaning to do something and don't? For the entirety of my time living in NYC I kept saying I was going to bring my bike to my apartment and it never happened. One of the selling points of my apartment building was the bike storage and I was so lame that I just kept saying, "I'll do it next weekend." Now I've got both my bikes here and I'm definitely making up for lost time on the road.
Thrifted shorts (similar here)
American Apparel crop top
Vintage bag (similar here)
American Deadstock vintage sunglasses


  1. i absolutely adore your outift!


  2. This is so cute! You're rocking that high waisted crop top look and I'm jealous!

  3. that last shot is perfect in every way! beautiful colours.

  4. So cute! Definitely love the whole carefree, 90's summer look you've got going on here.

    -Leah m.


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