24 July 2014


As you can see I'm doing a bit of construction on the blog layout. The old one never really sat well with me, it never matched up with the type of content I want to share here. A lot of things I wanted to try out in terms of photography, styling and using my favorite swear words fell by the wayside because it just didn't jive with the feel the layout gave the blog. Now I feel like I'm off to a fresh start. And it feels really fucking awesome.
Being completely incapable of coding, I purchased a template from the talented and helpful Maira Gall Etsy Shop. I'm still tweaking a few details, working on a spiffed up new header and I have content ideas for days. But one thing at a time.
Speaking of housekeeping, this is a picture of my living room after I spent several hours cleaning the apartment. I'm a total neat freak and my place being this clean made me dizzy with joy (or I was half drunk on Bloody Mary's--either way, I was dizzy). Bonus points for Rich because he bought me two giant bunches of peonies at the farmer's market and only made me repeat myself twice when I told him what kind of flowers I wanted.
"Tee hee you said peonies." Thanks, babe.


  1. 1. I think this layout/design looks great!

    2. I didn't used to cuss on my blog because me grandma reads it, but I finally had to tell her to just skip over words she didn't like.

    3. I love that chair!

    1. 1.Thanks!
      2.My grandma reads my blog too!!! I used to not curse for a variety of reasons, but I've decided I don't care anymore. Did you know that people trust people who curse more than those who don't!? Source: http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/publications/observer/2012/may-june-12/the-science-of-swearing.html
      3.It came from Rich's parent's attic, he used to hide up there and read in it as a kid. Under the blue blanket we have hiding a crazy fabric that covers up ANOTHER crazy fabric. Eventually we'll get around to reupholstering...or not haha

  2. I've been slowly editing CSS and my blog layout - it is so tedious but I can't wait to launch the new layout! I can't wait to see the final result of yours!

    Meanwhile, your house is so beautiful - you have a great eye!

  3. It looks so fucking goooood (your blog + your sparkly clean apartment)! It was so great to see you on Friday as always and I can't wait to get out to LI to see your new place sometime in the near future. :-)


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