04 June 2014

summer predictions

I had a couple posts ready to go a few weeks ago and I needed to save them for a later date because I got into a bit of a funk when some shit went down.
I went for a haircut and asked to have it stop at my shoulder or there-abouts and my (no longer) trusted hairdresser wasn't paying attention, walked away for 15 minutes and came back and hacked it all off. It was completely lopsided to boot. Immediately I ran to my moms house in tears. I called the salon and they insisted that there were no appointments for the next day to have it fixed and I burst into tears begging that they do something so I could go to work on Monday and not look like I had crazily hacked off my own hair at odd angles. Finally they agreed to have me in the next afternoon, and a very kind girl gently snipped at my hair to make it even while I sniffled and tears fell on my chest soaking my shirt.
If you've been reading awhile you know I've had very short hair before, and I've never been too precious about drastic cuts. For the first time in a long time I had grown extremely attached to my longer hair and my beachy waves and just couldn't face a mirror without tears for about a week.
During that week the weather turned warm and I unpacked my pretty summer dresses and when I went to put on my favorite one--and it wouldn't button. It was just full on meltdown-city from there. Between my hair and not fitting in to one of my best dresses I was just an emotional ball of self critique. Of course I hadn't been training all winter and I've become particularly fond of eating everything in sight before dinner because I'm so hungry and tired from my commute so I know why they don't fit, but it doesn't make me any less annoyed.
I'm actually still pretty miserable, every time I touch my hair I get a jolt of frustration and my too-small dresses are hanging sadly in the back of the closet, but I think its going to be a good summer. I know my hair will grow back. Everyone is convinced its growing very rapidly (with the aid of a ton of Biotin vitamins) and I started running and doing yoga again and I'm curbing my intake of candy for the time being.
Despite being really down about my looks I'm feeling pretty positive about my major life decisions. Moving back to Long Island, living with my awesome boyfriend and adopting the worlds squirreliest kitten have led me to be, overall, the happiest I've ever been despite all this complaining. The last two Sunday's we've spent in our yard bbq'ing with friends and family late into the long sunny evenings. Its gonna be a good summer and I'm gonna get out of this silly funk.
Oh, and I'm in the market for a new hairdresser.
vic and trish


  1. Bummer about the hair disaster... The same happened to a friend of mine, she had long straight hair down to her waist and was only in for a trim but the woman cut off over a foot and a half of her hair and she was just shattered. This is why I now trim and cut my own hair again haha... Backyard BBQ'ing sounds like a really nice way to spend a Sunday :)

  2. So sorry to hear about your horrible hair cut experience :( I can totally relate. I went in to a salon once asking for Zooey Deschanel bangs and got something completely awful. I cried afterward and then had to wait months for the stupid things to grow out. It really sucks how something seemingly small like clothes not fitting can have the greatest effect on you, it's hard not to beat yourself up over it. I know it do it all the time, too. It really sucks but I'm sure you'll be wearing them again in no time :)

  3. I hear ya! A couple of my favorite summer dresses look stretched to the max when I put them on and it doesn't help knowing that the reason I've gained weight is from the stress of my dog dying and the inactivity of chronic foot problems! On the plus side, I wore Birkenstock with a super short dress AND got checked out, so I think everything is gonna be ok! Everything will smooth out (and grow out) and there's nothing like warm sun and longer days to make life seem peachy again.

  4. Emily_RubySlippersJune 4, 2014 at 1:45 PM

    I definitely put on weight over the winter (cohabiting sucks for mystique and fitness, I think) but I figure summer's a good time to live off of white wine and nothing else. I'm sure by August you'll be long-haired and fitting all your summer dresses.

  5. I think a lot of us are on the post-winter body blues train. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a struggle, but it's good to know that warmer days will sweep a lot of it away. Anyway, you're beautiful in so many ways! The worst hairdresser in the world couldn't snip that away!

  6. Girl, I feel you! I've been trying to grow out my pixie cut since January and I can't stop searching "growing out a pixie cut" and looking in envy at how much longer every one else's hair was by this point in the process (I think I've hit a rut - it hasn't grown in over a month, but when it was short short short all it wanted to do was grow!). By far the even sadder thing I've experienced recently though is having to come to terms with weight gain. As soon as the weather warmed up I tried on all my shorts that I've had for 2-5 years prior and... I can't get any of them over my hips! What?! I've spent 10+ years ranging in the same weight so why have I all of a sudden put it all on now? I'm not so much disappointed with how I look, but more disappointed that my favorite clothes don't fit anymore. Looks like I'm going to have to do something about it.

  7. P.S. If your haircut is the one shown in your last style post, I think it looks awesome! You'll be happy to have your hair off your neck once summer officially comes around ;)

  8. summerbourne.blogspot.comJune 9, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    Oh, that can be so traumatic. I know it's probably not much comfort and everyone has been telling you this, but I'm sure it looks cute anyway!

    I've been putting on the winter weight as well and now this warmer weather has been motivating me to become more active. I've been doing yoga in my living room about twice a week and dragging my boyfriend on walks after dinner. It feels good to have this transition, I think, and I'm excited to dedicate myself to all of the healthy stuff this summer. Just wrote a post about it actually. Your summer definitely sounds like it's gonna be full of good times. Wishing you the best! :)


  9. There's seriously nothing like a bad haircut, but you'll be surprised how used to it you get. I went to dye my hair once and my friend called me while it was setting because she had been in a cycling accident. I rushed into the car to go help her and the dye ended up sitting in my hair for over two hours... Needless to say, it completely ruined my hair. I had to chop it down to only two inches long.... I feel your pain, but trust me: you get use to it very quickly.

  10. What the fuck happened to your hair dresser, man?? Who fucks up a haircut that bad? I don't understand it! If I were a hair cutting person I would be so fucking anal about every haircut because I wouldn't wanna be the person who ruins the next several months of someone's life. Man, smh. And I feel you on the summer dresses not fitting. Several of last year's maxi skirts no longer fit me, which is pret-ty depressing, but then again it gives me an excuse to go out and buy a whole new summer wardrobe. So excited to see how your summer goes down via blog post! :)

  11. Oh it sounds like your summer has started off on the wrong foot but I promise you it will get better (I'm hoping the same!) I do love your hair shorter, you were my hair inspiration for going shorter :)

    Maria xxx

  12. oh I so know how you feel, I think I gained like two kilo since last year, coinciding with taking my birth control pill for longer stretches of time, and it seems to have pushed me into a larger dress size. I don't see a difference, but I'm sad about some of my prettiest clothes not fitting comfortably anymore. I've felt pretty down about it some days. Ridiculous how something small like that can male you feel inadequate, like you're losing control. And I had the hairthing last year so yeah. Maybe it has something to do with being 26-27? And with worklife taking its toll, probably.


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