21 June 2014

saturday things

Last Saturday I spent the day in Queens with Sam shopping for vintage clothes and having a girls day. I got so many things I wanted for the summer like a pretty yellow blouse, a white skirt and some other things. We ended the afternoon at my favorite spot, Milkflower.
Lovely Sam.
Brussel sprout pizza with blueberry, mascarpone and toasted marshmallow gelato. Perfect.
And so I went home where Rich was grilling burgers and our friends came over to watch the World Cup.
AJ and our new neighbors.
Lindsay's laughing because when I went to take her picture I fell.
The night ended with some live music on the couch and me falling asleep.


  1. aw sounds so fun! wish we could've had a queens vintage shopping day! the time went by so fast!

  2. Done. Get your ass to NY. I will feed you nothing but pizza and gelato.

  3. I know!!! And I was so so crazy with work. Maybe someday.

  4. Vintage shopping in Queens, sounds right up my alley! I heard they finally built a Buffalo Exchange, wonder if it's any good.... all of my knowledge is dated now haha.

  5. I heard the same thing! We both heard it, it must be true. I also heard it opened like 5 minutes after I moved.


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