16 June 2014

governors ball: sky photos and blurry stages

Two weeks ago Lynn and I spent three days on a tiny island in the NYC archiapelego with about a zillion people for the Governor's Ball Music Festival. Its so disappointing when you find out that you can't bring a camera to something with so much photography potential, but thank goodness for beat up old iPhones that still manage to capture the days. The photos are mostly selfies and skies, but a few bands you can nearly make out on stage.

The first day we headed to the ferry and took silly pictures to start the day including my sort-of outfit shot in a JCrew top, second-hand store cut offs, a Fjallraven backpack, Madewell sunglasses and un-pictured beat up ballet flats.
We sat behind these two on the ferry and I thought they were cute..image
Hanging out at the entrace waiting on line, listening to Jenny Lewis playimage
On the first day we saw Jenny Lewis, caught a little bit of La Roux, listened to Phoenix from afar, Grimes, TV on the Radio and a little of Outkast before heading home.
On Day 2 we wised up and didn't miss any bands we planned to see (day 1 we got distracted by finding bathrooms and drinks). We got there early and met up with my friend from work, Ana, who took this picture of us with Lady Liberty before we gave in to being sweaty and dirty.
We saw so many bands I nearly lost count and had to refer to the line-up to even remember. Most importantly: The Strokes. We made friends in the crowd (hi Godwin!) and danced for the entire set. The best was when some kids we were talking to who told us they were 18 referred to the Strokes as "nostalgic." I'm still laughing about that one. image
Day two we saw Fitz and the Tantrums, Broken Bells, The Naked and Famous, THE STROKES, Sleigh Bells, a few Spoon songs, then we listened to Jack White while we ate dinner and to Skrillex as we waited for the ferry back to Manhattan. When we got to Penn Station we hung out at a bar waiting for the train and watching the Rangers v. the Kings in overtime. It was a pretty heartbreaking series now that its over, but watching that game under Madison Sq Garden packed with Rangers fans was pretty memorable.
Day 3, the struggle was real. We were both completely wiped out but there was so much more to see! We found Will and this cute shot got a great photobomb. We also discovered that the "cocktail tents" were NOT VIP like we had originally thought and located ourselves some fancy rum and vodka drinks which was a nice repreive from crappy beer. image
We got good and close for dancing to Foster the People
Interpol at the end of the day playing Slow Hands(and Bill Murray nodding along)
The last day we saw Wild Belle, The Head and the Heart, Foster the People and Interpol. I nearly dropped from exhaustion and we listened to Interpol's encore from the ferry line (they played Stella Was A Diver). I got home and I swear I walked around in a fog for the entire week. It was exhausting but perfect.

Anyone have any tips for getting their camera in? I just don't know what I'd do if it was confiscated at the bag check (probably turn around and leave because my camera is my baby).


  1. hahaha at the strokes comment. this looks like way too much fun tho

  2. My response was "What, nostalgia from when you were 3? Are you nostalgic for diapers?" Even better was the excellent coversation we had leading up to this about how they were sneaking in vodka and asking us if we were able to get someone 21 to buy the beers for us. I was like.....*jaw-to-floor*


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