30 June 2014

drummers and sunflares

Time for another belated Saturday update: Two weeks ago my friend Dave's band played at Beerfields, a music/beer festival out east on Long Island. Last year I couldn't go because I was still living in the city, so I was pretty excited to get a chance this year.
I drove out with Lindsay and Dave and we made it just in time to see Non-Stop to Cairo.
Lindsay and Dave are well prepared with pretzel necklaces.
Non-Stop to Cairo

Sunset picnic behind the beer tents

Rich works in the beer industry so he had to work all day, he joined us when he was done for a nap


  1. This looks like so much fun! And from the looks of it, no one ended up covered in beer, which is the sign of a great beer festival :) I especially appreciate the photo of your sunglasses-and-beer-can balancing act.


  2. sunset and friends = summer ♡


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