19 June 2014


Just before the Great Hair Debacle of 2014 (as it shall henceforth be known) I bought this dusty pink hat from Asos to wear to the beach to keep my scalp from getting burnt to a crisp. Lucky timing since now I just put a cap on it so I don't have to look at my hair. I DO appreciate all the positive messages from my post about it, but for real, its such a pain to style and its generally just a bad haircut with disaster layers. Anywhoo...I'm shamefully out of practice at photographing myself for this here blog, but here was what I looked like on Tuesday for work. I'm really into styling this dress with brown leather because it makes it less "prim" and more "outdoorsy" I think. Plus of course my pink baseball cap to hide the weird baby hair sticking up everywhere, plus I love brown and pink because its a lovely color combination.
Zara dress (2012) similar here and here
Madewell tote
Steve Madden oxfords (2012) similar here
Nixon watch
ASOS dusty pink baseball cap


  1. I feel your hair cut pain. About 8 months before my wedding 2 years ago I got my hair cut and told the hairdresser to just tidy up my modest layers and I'm pretty sure his hand slipped because he cut layers way above my ears. I went into the hairdressers in 2012 and exited it circa 1980. I think I cried for about a week. And it takes so long to grow out crazy layers. But your hair does look very pretty here nonetheless! And I love the dress and styling - and the pink cap is a lovely splash of colour.

  2. summerbourne.blogspot.comJune 20, 2014 at 12:14 PM

    I also love brown white and pink. So perfect.

  3. This is such a lovely outfit, the pink looks fab with the brown!

    Maria xxx

  4. thanks! i accidentally dyed it pink last week in the wash, crossing my fingers I can fix it!

  5. Before your wedding!? I would never stop crying. Thank you for sharing that, weirdly knowing that I'm not being a total brat and someone else gets it kind of helps.

  6. Thanks for the tip! I need to try that. It sounds perfect if I'm not in a hat wearing mood.

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