31 May 2014


Apparently these nubby Adidas sandals I've been kicking around my house in forever are "in." I can't even remember a time when I didn't have a pair to wear after sports practice or a run. Since now they're cool I can wear them out in public to run errands instead of just with my pj's and running pants. Last weekend I went full sporty with a backpack, slides and my red striped tee.

H&M tee shirt
BDG skirt
Adidas sandals
Fjallraven backpack
vintage sunglasses

27 May 2014

actual friday

So here's how an actual Friday looks in my life...
I get up early, like really early. Or at least I try. The alarm goes off at about 5:30am but typically I sleep through it for awhile until it wiggles its way into my head and I finally open one-eye and hit snooze. Obviously he has no interest in getting up either.
Early morning 554
This nugget eventually starts chirping and when I'm finally up she dances cautiously around my feet until I give her breakfast. Little beggar.
little nugget
Then I'm finally awake and I get ready to face the day. My warpaint consists of: BB creme, burgundy blush and a swipe of mascara.
If you look very closely through the fog as the train crosses the bridge you can almost see Manhattan in the distance.
schlepp schlepp schlepp
Heres where I hang out all day, my mission control station. No, I didn't eat that black banana.
mission control
Some Fridays the team gets together and we have lunch in the cafeteria where there is a perfect view of Central Park across the street. social lunch
Then, like I said, I got distracted with work and commuting home and didn't shoot any pictures. I wish I was the type with endless energy and I would go out and party on Friday nights but, alas, I'm not. I prefer to stay at home and drink beer, order in Japanese food and work on fun top-secret projects.top secret beer projects

21 May 2014

sea change

I haven't updated in a really long time, and when I do it seems that my posts are spaced further and further apart and I feel like thats because there's been a lot of change in my life. No, I'm not going to stop blogging. Thats crazypants. But there are going to be changes here that better reflect my life now and who I am in an effort to be more motivated to post. As some of my loyal readers know, we've undergone quite a few changes here over the past 6 years so I hope you'll stick around to see the next phase of HHL.
Here I am without makeup and with my hair air dryed riding my bike to the beach: my completely natural state.
Post dedicated to my friend Meg who reminded me why I like blogging and to Mallory for letting me vent until inspiration strikes.
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