09 April 2014

wednesday survey

My name is Kallie
I am currently at my desk at work having lunch even though its perfect blue skies and warm enough to leave behind my jacket. Eating and typing up a post to clear out the brain cobwebs and getting back to work as fast as possible (I started this at work, but finished it up at night in bed before going to sleep)
I am good at making the bed, reading things quickly, driving a car and drawing small towns
I do not like to rush or be hurried
I'm bad at singing in tune, dancing to the beat and paying attention for long periods of time
I read lots of books, articles and blogs. Right now I'm reading a lot for a new project with Mallory
I like it when I can wear shorts and sweaters, when Rich sings to the cat and there are lemon stuffed olives in the refrigerator
I sing in the car as loud as I can with the windows down even though I know it sounds terrible
I love the first few minutes of any day I wake up without an alarm clock and lay awake in the quiet before opening my eyes.
I prefer fall to spring, spring is like a tease when it looks warm but its actually cold
I enjoy standing in front of the refrigerator with the door open while having a snack
I'm addicted to green tea
I'm wearing a black swingy dress with white stripes, black tights and my black booties
I drink too much green tea and not enough beer (gave up all alcohol for Lent)
I'm listening to old Ratatat and Sigur Ros albums that I loved when I was at school, namely Ratatat (2004) and Takk. I got fired from my first job in a pharmacy back then because I called out sick when a friend invited me to go see Ratatat at their album release party and I drank gin for the first time. I made the right choice
I get angry when strangers touch me on the subway and when people break rules/social codes in general ie. line cutting and touching strangers
I am afraid that my whole life will pass me by while I sit at a desk for too many hours a day
I wish I could go on a week-long vacation once a month to travel around the world or stay home and catch up with friends
I'm embarrassed by people who try to embarass others
I grew up in Long Island

A little list I found from a blog I love called un velo
photos from instagram


  1. Every time you pop up in my blog feed I just get so excited because of our namesake. haha. Um, lemon stuffed olives sound like the best thing, ever.

  2. So good. We share the fear of life-passing-us-by-while we sit on desks and getting embarrassed when a chain of embarrassment is happening.

    You're so pretty in that photo. I hope you're feeling better. Yay! autumn.

  3. You are so beautiful! I loved reading this.


  4. Thank you for introducing me to un velo!!! What a great blog.

    Don't get me started on breaking basic rules. Why do people think they're so special that they don't apply to them??

    Also, what part of Long Island. I have friends out here who grew up there, too.

  5. Awesome post Kallie! I lurves me some green tea. Mostly hot, because when it is cold I drink it too fast. That story about you getting fired for seeing ratatat makes me want to check them out now. Also, your cat is cuuuuuuuuuute!

  6. You are just stunning! I love finding out more about people, I am just so nosy!

    Maria xxx


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