06 April 2014


There's been a lot of talk about "normcore" lately, and I think its a kind of backlash from the past few years of everyday fashion (at least for women) being very feminine and "done-up". Skirts, accessories, high heels...and now we backtrack to the bare basics. This isn't really "normcore" per se, but its my Saturday-errand-running outfit and its simple. All suburban and comfortable for food shopping and laundry.
These classic Sauncony Jazz sneakers were from my senior year in high school, bought in 2005 and long forgotten in my mom's basement. When I found them (practically new because I was not into gym class) I re-incorporated them into my everyday life. I'm even that girl that carries her heels and commutes in sneakers. Its my normcore suburban life and I'm ok with it.

Coach Parka (similar here)
Clare Vivier Messenger
Classic Saucony Jazz
J Brand 620 mid-rise black skinny jeans via Century 21
Everlane tee shirt
Brandy Melville Sweater via Beacons Closet similar here
Madewell Sunglasses
Timex watch (similar here)


  1. those sneakers are so cute! And yes, I'm totally pro normcore as well. I mean, it's being applied to outfits I'd rather call hipster than normcore, but I'm allll for simply wearing nice basics you feel comfortable in. Me and my sneakers are basically married at this point. Luckily I don't even have to bother bringing heels! Ultra casual offices for the win.

    PS when are you coming to Belgium??

  2. I like a good basic outfit every once in a while and certainly enjoy seeing well-styled ones like this on other people. I don't think I could ever go back to all casual all the time like I used to do in high school though! I appreciate good basics though! I really love your jacket here.

  3. I need one of these jackets in my life. I love the sneaks! I just did a post about sneakers that I had from high school, lol. Yours are much more subtle and very kick ass! :)

  4. I have been a lot into sneakers lately and also I'm looking for a cool spring navy jacket, this outfit sums up comfy perfection for me atm! Love it, Kallie!

  5. I'm loving the normcore movement. I especially love your navy blue, exceptionally normal jacket. Very cute :) Also, your Saucony sneakers remind me of this old pair of Tretorns I uncovered in my closet and that's about all I've been wearing lately.


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