21 April 2014

easter snippets

I had all these plans to take photos all weekend and of course it didn't happen. A few managed to get snapped though.
Friday night has no visual evidence but it was pretty great: I gave up on Lent after a long week at work went to Barrier to try their Lime Pale Ale, Queen of Tarts. Rich's sisters were there and we ate all the popcorn and hung out til they were shutting down. (Don't get the wrong idea, we aren't cool, it was only 7p.) After I was sufficiently drunk off two pints we stopped at Trader Joe's for various fancy salami and cheese so I could double give up on Lent and eat meat and cheese on crackers for dinner and promptly pass out on the couch.
Saturday I spent the morning running errands which included doing laundry at my moms and picking fresh daffodils from her garden. I spent the afternoon hanging out on the deck in the sun. LK came over and we walked the boardwalk which gave me my first sunburn of the season. In the evening Rich and I rode our bikes a few blocks over to a BBQ at a friends place. We played with their pooch and hung out until the sun was going down and went home to relax and snuggle the cat. When we were putting our bikes away I snapped a picture of the sunset and when we went inside the apartment smelled like daffodils.
sunset 4.19.14
Sunday I did a very grown-up thing and had my grandparents over for Easter dinner. I cooked an herb roasted chicken, lemon dill rice and sauteed asparagus with garlic and oil.
easter dinner
I didn't have time to change into my Easter outfit but it was perfect. Now that its warm enough to leave the door open this part of the living room gets the most amazing light by the mirror. Obsessed with taking selfies in it.
mirror selfie 4.20.14


  1. hii kallie, im sefya from indonesia, your blog is lovely, I always visit to your blog to see whats new post. nice

  2. Look at you being all awesome! It sounds like a great weekend. I totally still want you to come to Michigan someday so that we can have beers. BEERS.

  3. Emily_RubySlippersApril 24, 2014 at 11:08 AM

    I am ALL about failing on the photo front but having the best time lately. Well done you for cooking Easter dinner. Always nerve-wracking and puts mothers and grandmothers efforts into perspective.


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