08 April 2014

classic trench coat

I started compiling these photos while I was dreaming about the perfect trench coat--and happened to stumble upon it that afternoon. My mom and I were at a department store and then suddenly she was holding up exactly what I'd had in mind. When I tried it on it was perfect and she even bought a matching one.
Here is my definition of a perfect trench coat: Waterproof for fickle spring weather but be light enough to keep dry in a summer downpour and a light shade of khaki to match with anything. A classic, vintage vibe, like something that Audrey Hepburn or Francoise Hardy would have worn around Paris, the kind with tortoise shell buttons and a belted waist. It also shouldn't cost $1,300 (ahem-Burberry I'm looking at you).
I'll post pictures of it soon with all its perfect little details. Until then, here is some inspiration for trench coat wearing with the leading ladies of 60's style and some more recent streetstyle updates.
Trench coat inspiration: leading ladies
Trench coat ideas: work days
Lots of khaki color
Burberry, APC, J Crew, Old Navy
Vintage pictures found on Pinterest and blushing ambition


  1. I fantasize about finding a wonderful trench... someday, she will be mine! For now I am rocking my mom's oversized Barbour coat that she no longer needs (since moving to sunny SoCal). It's definitely too big, but it smells like sweet beeswax, has a fuzzy lining, and is flawless. XO

  2. A trench coat is a must-have and I totally understand your quest for the perfect one! It's a quintessential, classy, timeless piece. I strongly associate it with a French or British look!

  3. classic and timeless! I need to invest in a new one!


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