04 March 2014

pinrose pt. 1

A few weeks ago on a Pinterest binge I stumbled across Pinrose, a web-based perfume shop. Immediately I thought, "Well how would that work, we can't smell the internet." Through other senses (sight and sound) that translate well to the screen, you can choose a perfume that Pinrose thinks might work for you.

There's an online quiz where you'll make quick decisions about your preferences. And who doesn't love a good Internet quiz? It asks questions about settings that appeal to you, experience with perfume, color schemes you're drawn to and even tunes you prefer. Finally it asks what scents you've worn in the past. For me it was one of those late afternoon slump things I did on a whim, but when my results came back I admit I was so intrigued I ordered my three free samples right away.

My pretty black envelope showed up about a week later with three little packs tucked inside. The three samples that were chosen for me based on my quiz results were Ballroom Philosopher, Moonlight Gypsy and Pillowtalk Poet. Good thing they let you switch out a scent if you think you won't like it; Pillowtalk Poet is a "powdery" scent and powder makes me gag. Campfire Rebel really intrigued me with its description of burning oud wood and vanilla bourbon so I'll be trying that one instead.
Over the next three days I'll be testing each of the three out and reviewing how well I think they fit the online descriptor to see if this online perfume shopping can really work. You can follow along on Instagram @kallieish where I'll be posting each day, or for my full review on Friday.

Pinrose on Pinterest, what scent do you like best based on the pin boards? There's even a Rdio station for each one too!
Did you take the quiz? What do you think of shopping online for perfume you've never smelled before?

Just a little disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. I just love this idea and wanted to share it with you all.


  1. I just did this! But I did the pack that came with a sample of everything. It was a lot of fun to test out a new perfume every day, but some of them were not my style AT ALL.

  2. I'm getting so tired of sponsored posts and giveaways :( Thank you!


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