13 March 2014

crazy-hat birthday party

On Saturday the 8th I turned 27 years old. That is crazy to me. Rich and I spent the day riding bikes on the boardwalk and decorating for the party with fresh flowers and bright yellow balloons.
The theme of the party was crazy hats! Juli came to visit from PA and chose a leopard print cap and I opted for birthday-style tiara. This is a photo of us awkwardly "hugging."
Rich's parents came and his dad had this amazing chapeau with seagull feather adornments.
My mom also came and had some vintage blue plumage and we took a picture with her phone.
I left the camera with Dave and Colleen.
Group shot with my girls and AJ photo bombing.

Juli took this of me blowing out the candles on my cake!
It was a really great birthday, and I mostly forgot to take pictures because I was having so much fun.


  1. Rich took pictures of me running out to the car to get them, I didn't think he really would when I asked and then he shows up with a carload of bright yellow balloons...my brain could not handle.

  2. summerbourne.blogspot.comMarch 13, 2014 at 12:30 PM

    happy birthday! :)

  3. Such a good idea for a party! Hope you had a good birthday :)

    Maria xxx

  4. glad you had fun! so sad I missed it:( your apartment looks lovely and living by the boardwalk sounds AMAZING.

  5. Come out one weekend when its nice out! Bring your bike and we can just zoom up and down on the beach :)

  6. This seems like the perfect birthday party! I really wish that more of my friends would be down with a gathering like this, very cute!

  7. Haha! This looks so fun! What a great, simple idea. Happy Birthday!

  8. Haha I was wondering what was happening in that hugging photo! And what a fun idea for a theme party- i LOVE all the hats! Happy belated birthday :D

    xo marlen
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  9. looks so much fun! happy belated birthday, many happy returns!~



  10. You and your mom are so cuuuuute! Oh my gaawwd.

  11. Haha great theme. I'm turning 27 as well! Congrats boo!

  12. looks like a wonderful birthday!


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