30 March 2014


Last Saturday Rich and I made an addition to our little family. If you didn't see her on Instagram, meet Annabel. We rescued her at Friendly Ferals from a great cat-lover named Mary, who told us that this 6-month-old kitty would need a lot of love. After a week of having her around I can say she really needs love and attention. She was a stray Maine coon that was found living on the railroad tracks; but she loves to be held, pet, cuddled and played with and they realized she probably wasn't a feral cat. Her favorite spot is right between us on the couch where we dangle yarn for her to play with and offer our laps for her to snuggle up on. She's still a not totally acclimated to living with us, but she makes progress everyday.
Last week while I was busy working late and then making a work trip to Atlanta, Rich took great care of her and kept me constantly updated on what she was up to in her little kitty world. We even Face-timed early Friday morning so I could see them hanging out together on the couch. When I got in Friday evening in true Annabel fashion, she had spent the entire day hiding out inside the vintage record player in the living room. She absolutely hates being left alone. Now that she's coming out of her shell more she hisses at us if we stop petting her and demands to be scratched under her chin by grabbing our hands with her paws. As our friend Dave wisely said, soon she'll assume her job as a housecat: full time asshole. We love her to pieces.

Full name: Annabel Fartmonster Feigenbaum-Curran
Nicknames: Grumpelstiltskin, Belly, Smellybelly, Grumparella, Kittymonster and a million more to come
Likes: Being held, small dark places, expensive cat food
Dislikes: Everything else


  1. Oooh she is the sweetest! I love all of her nicknames, so cute!

  2. That's so great of you to take in a rescue cat :) She looks like a spunky little ball of flufflove. I've had my boy cat for 9 years but I've decided if I ever get another cat, to choose a rescue, there are already too many wonderful cats out there without someone to love them just because they aren't tiny little kittens anymore.

  3. Awww she looks and sounds like the most adorable bundle of fluff ever! I love her name too - it suggests sweetness and mischief all rolled into one. Looking forward to lots more Annabel updates!

  4. Nice to meet Annabel! She is a cutie pie! Love that she demands to be pet so much and likes to cuddle all the time. I also think your friend Dave words ring very (almost painfully :P) true, she will soon learn that she is the house queen ;)

  5. She's so cute! Nothing makes a home complete like a furry critter :)

  6. Ahh she's beautiful, congratulations! Maine coon cats are the best, they definitely have their quirks, but they're a fun breed (our other kitty, Zeb, is a mine coon and is very, very weird). We also use the nickname 'grumplestilstkin', haha. Also, I know you're probably getting inundated with advice, but for a good, inexpensive pet food option, check out Whole Food's brand (I think it's called "whole pets"?). It has saved us a lot of money and is grain free (and a friend who works at PETA said the ingredients look legit - because I'm crazy and sent her a pic of the label before buying).

  7. OMG that is excellent advice. We've been splurging on the Blue Buffalo stuff because she's having trouble adjusting and wasn't eating. She was a stray, so she actually really likes a bit of raw chicken or the Blue Buffalo wet cat food, we think that's probably what she's used to. But I am def going to check out the Whole Foods stuff.

    She is so weird, I'm glad your Maine Coon is too. Now I feel less like there's something wrong with her haha.


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