30 March 2014


Last Saturday Rich and I made an addition to our little family. If you didn't see her on Instagram, meet Annabel. We rescued her at Friendly Ferals from a great cat-lover named Mary, who told us that this 6-month-old kitty would need a lot of love. After a week of having her around I can say she really needs love and attention. She was a stray Maine coon that was found living on the railroad tracks; but she loves to be held, pet, cuddled and played with and they realized she probably wasn't a feral cat. Her favorite spot is right between us on the couch where we dangle yarn for her to play with and offer our laps for her to snuggle up on. She's still a not totally acclimated to living with us, but she makes progress everyday.
Last week while I was busy working late and then making a work trip to Atlanta, Rich took great care of her and kept me constantly updated on what she was up to in her little kitty world. We even Face-timed early Friday morning so I could see them hanging out together on the couch. When I got in Friday evening in true Annabel fashion, she had spent the entire day hiding out inside the vintage record player in the living room. She absolutely hates being left alone. Now that she's coming out of her shell more she hisses at us if we stop petting her and demands to be scratched under her chin by grabbing our hands with her paws. As our friend Dave wisely said, soon she'll assume her job as a housecat: full time asshole. We love her to pieces.

Full name: Annabel Fartmonster Feigenbaum-Curran
Nicknames: Grumpelstiltskin, Belly, Smellybelly, Grumparella, Kittymonster and a million more to come
Likes: Being held, small dark places, expensive cat food
Dislikes: Everything else

27 March 2014

black hole.

I've been sucked into the black hole of work during the busy season. Late nights and then trying to do every chore and errand I put off during the week on the weekend. Its exhausting. Last Saturday had hints of spring and I couldn't resist playing with my new lens (I got it for my birthday but haven't had any time to use it). Rich played with his mountain bike in the yard and I enjoyed the evening sun on the deck.
Hopefully I'll be back soon.

13 March 2014

crazy-hat birthday party

On Saturday the 8th I turned 27 years old. That is crazy to me. Rich and I spent the day riding bikes on the boardwalk and decorating for the party with fresh flowers and bright yellow balloons.
The theme of the party was crazy hats! Juli came to visit from PA and chose a leopard print cap and I opted for birthday-style tiara. This is a photo of us awkwardly "hugging."
Rich's parents came and his dad had this amazing chapeau with seagull feather adornments.
My mom also came and had some vintage blue plumage and we took a picture with her phone.
I left the camera with Dave and Colleen.
Group shot with my girls and AJ photo bombing.

Juli took this of me blowing out the candles on my cake!
It was a really great birthday, and I mostly forgot to take pictures because I was having so much fun.

10 March 2014

pinrose pt. 2

Well, this was meant to be posted Friday but then I had my birthday and you know how that goes. Anyway, last week I tried three of my free scent samples I was recommended by Pinrose. Based on an online quiz that accounts for preferences from pictures to tunes to previously worn scents I was sent Ballroom Philosopher, Moonlight Gypsy and Campfire Rebel (I traded in the recommended powdery one the quiz gave me for this one).
If you were following along each day you may have already seen my partial reviews on Instagram.

1. Campfire Rebel: First impressions were not good, the packet had a different list of scents than what was listed on the website and when I ripped it open it smelled too masculine, like actual burning wood and nothing like perfume. After wiping it on my wrists and neck I headed out the door prepared to field a lot of questions about why I smelled like a boozy campfire. Thankfully it should have been obvious to me that this would pass. It mellowed out after a few minutes to a surprisingly bright, woodsy smell. It ended up being my favorite of the three.

2.Ballroom Philosopher: Again, I didn't get a great first impression and now I was beginning to think that the initial whiff you get of the perfume is hyper concentrated and needs to air out a bit the way it would be if spritzed on from a bottle. It was delightfully sweet and feminine on top with sexy amber notes just below that would catch my attention for a moment as I went about my day. This was the scent that best aligned with the perfumes I currently own (Chanel Chance Eau Tendre and Nest White Sandalwood) and certainly spoke to the accuracy of the quiz.

3.Moonlight Gypsy: Starting out first thing in the morning I was in love with Moonlight Gypsy, but about midway through the day it stopped cooperating with my body chemistry and I felt like it smelled cloyingly sweet and gave me a bit of a headache. Though I set out loving the soft florals with a hint of exotic spice, it just wasn't a good fit for me after the 6 hour mark.

Overall, I think the concept of choosing a scent online in this way worked well and was just as fun if not more than perfume shopping in the store. All three scents were ones that I would have been drawn to in person. The little scent samples packed a serious punch, as soon as I opened them I was struck by how potent those little wipes were. I've always thought perfume samples were genius in any form, because why would I want to buy something if halfway through the day its given me a raging headache and made a weird scent combo with my deodorant? The wipes are genius because you can just rip it open, swipe it on and go unlike ye olde tiny glass vials that are apt to spill on everything near them.
In terms of the perfumes themselves, I felt that all three were a bit young for me. Each day as I would put one on and leave the house I had the same reaction "This would be much better for a weekend." None made me want to bounce out the door, but rather made me want to do anything else besides catch that train for the office. Campfire Rebel was my favorite, and its made for a quick spritz on the weekend. The scents were a little too close to what I already wear and I'd like something different to round out my perfume collection. I plan to use a voucher I received to try a few more free samples, particularly Surf Siren.

Read pt. 1 of my Pinrose review here

Just a note: This wasn't a sponsored post, I just loved this idea and wanted to share it with you!

04 March 2014

pinrose pt. 1

A few weeks ago on a Pinterest binge I stumbled across Pinrose, a web-based perfume shop. Immediately I thought, "Well how would that work, we can't smell the internet." Through other senses (sight and sound) that translate well to the screen, you can choose a perfume that Pinrose thinks might work for you.

There's an online quiz where you'll make quick decisions about your preferences. And who doesn't love a good Internet quiz? It asks questions about settings that appeal to you, experience with perfume, color schemes you're drawn to and even tunes you prefer. Finally it asks what scents you've worn in the past. For me it was one of those late afternoon slump things I did on a whim, but when my results came back I admit I was so intrigued I ordered my three free samples right away.

My pretty black envelope showed up about a week later with three little packs tucked inside. The three samples that were chosen for me based on my quiz results were Ballroom Philosopher, Moonlight Gypsy and Pillowtalk Poet. Good thing they let you switch out a scent if you think you won't like it; Pillowtalk Poet is a "powdery" scent and powder makes me gag. Campfire Rebel really intrigued me with its description of burning oud wood and vanilla bourbon so I'll be trying that one instead.
Over the next three days I'll be testing each of the three out and reviewing how well I think they fit the online descriptor to see if this online perfume shopping can really work. You can follow along on Instagram @kallieish where I'll be posting each day, or for my full review on Friday.

Pinrose on Pinterest, what scent do you like best based on the pin boards? There's even a Rdio station for each one too!
Did you take the quiz? What do you think of shopping online for perfume you've never smelled before?

Just a little disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post. I just love this idea and wanted to share it with you all.

03 March 2014

summer mouth

I completely checked out this weekend, from the moment I left work until early this morning I hardly checked my emails or blogs. The same jeans and tee and sweater from Friday night to Sunday seems to be a thing I do around this time every year from lack of motivation to go out in yet another day of frigid wind and grey skies. Friday I had a date with Rich and then Saturday morning we took a long walk around a neighborhood out in the deep, pretty suburbs while his car got serviced. I spent my Saturday afternoon with my best friend helping her pack for a week in St. Lucia and my evening snuggled up on the couch with my Netflix queue and lentil soup. Sunday was all laundry and visiting kittens at the shelter and a full afternoon making pea soup and baking cookies. Kind of perfectly unplanned, but I let all my blog posts get backed up. Whoops. You don't mind though, right?
This outfit is actually from a few weekends ago, but echos my feelings of surrender to winter this time of year. Luckily I found the most perfect summer lipstick a few weeks ago that I can't stop using. Its Sephora's Rouge Cream in Hot Tango which is my new half-price non-lip-cracking replacement for Nars' Dragon Girl. I don't feel so bad decking out in nothing but old docs, jeans and a grey sweater with this summer mouth.

Sephora Rouge Cream Hot Tango
Secondhand sweater via Beacon's Closet
Hudson Jeans (my one and only pair)
Doc Martens
Topshop duffle coat (similar here)
Vintage coach bag
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