13 February 2014


Its thunder-snowing outside so its appropriate that I share these photos from a few Saturday's ago when it was warm and sunny and there seemed to be an end to this winter in sight. Also, appropriate because this is my go-to snowy day outfit for work, a snow suit of sorts. Its ultra cozy with a heat-tech slip and button down shirt under the thick long sleeved dress. Winking at the 60's vibe of tall boots and a mini skirt, I usually pair it with my soft brown leather riding boots which also keeps my legs warm and dry. Considering how much snow we've been having its nice to reach into my closet and know whats going to work for the day without stressing.
I couldn't keep my eyes open while Rich was taking my picture, I'm so unaccustomed to sunlight it was searing my eyeballs out.
Vintage dress
thrifted gap button down
H&M 200 den tights
Ava & Aiden riding boots
Madewell tote


  1. Haha i can never keep my eyes open in bright sun. They're so sensitive! I love this outfit though. That dress is always great and I think it looks awesome with those boots.

  2. These pictures are so funny and adorable! I want a heat tech slip... Uniqlo?

  3. Yes! I don't think they're selling them online anymore which is ridiculous because its still winter. But its like the most amazing thing to happen to my winter style game since I started liking tights. It just keeps my whole middle area nice and warm. It can get staticky but psssh its not that bad.

    PS- I can't take myself too seriously or else everyone else will try to. ;)

  4. You look amazing dear! ;)

    Tic-Tac Living

  5. Love this preppy look! You are stunning as always!

    P.S- It's Kirstin, I'm starting out with a bit of blogging again!

  6. I love this dress, but I'm even more in love with the fact that I think you're slathering on some Lucas' Papaw (???). It's one of the best balms I've used in a while and the only thing keeping my lips from flaking like they tend to do in this cold weather. But going back to the dress... I am loving the stripes on you!


  7. Paw Paw is pretty much the most amazing product I've ever used, good eye haha I can't believe you got that just from the pic! Its sooo good. I tell everyone to get it.


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