20 February 2014


The last time I had a monogram sweater was probably in middle school when those things were all the rage at the local mall. This sweater changed my mind completely about my notion of monograms being kind of childish and flashy. Over a year ago I eyed it up at Opening Ceremony and simultaneously fell in love with how pretty it was and was repulsed by the price. Opening Ceremony sales seem to hold a lot of luck for me scoring sweaters I lust after because I got this for less than half of the original price. Its gorgeous, with blue metallic flowers surrounding my initial on a field of bright white knit, and its super cozy too.
As fashion is mostly dictated by the weather in my life, this is another go-to snow day outfit. An ultra comfy jersey knit pencil skirt with a sweater, old booties and of course the navy duffle jacket that's kept me warm all winter.

Opening Ceremony sweater
American Apparel jersey knit skirt
Madewell button down
Steve Madden booties
H&M tights
Topshop coat
vintage hair clip


  1. the sweater looks so cute with the shirt collar popping out. I never think to check Opening Ceremony as it seems to scarily pricey! x


  2. I know it's super tacky of me, but I love this snake sweater from OC. It reminds me of Syltherin. But yours is super cute!


  3. Show me pictures of this sweater! I would probably love it haha. Seriously though, hold out, it could go on sale and you could have the Slytherin sweater of your dreams for Quidditch matches and such. Nothing Harry Potter will EVER be tacky around here.

  4. The prices are mind blowingly insane considering the quality seems pretty low on a lot of items. The Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony made me laugh because they wanted like $200 dollars for a liberty print circle skirt that I could have made in my sewing phase in 6th grade with some fabric store scraps. Other high end designer stuff also seemed similarly not well made or when I tried it on super super uncomfortable. Either way, I've now scored three dream sweaters on their ridic sales so...theres that! Check out the clearance, you never know :)

  5. This is such a fab outfit, I love anything with my initial on! Your hair looks so pretty here too, you are tempting me to chop mine off!

    Maria xxx

  6. Ahhh this has been on my wishlist for ages! I went into the store once whilst I was waiting for a friend, ended up trying this on along with the cat eye jumper and went for the latter. Was hoping to find this in a sale but alas, no luck.



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