17 February 2014

game night

About three weeks ago we hosted a game night at our apartment. Beer, lambic and pizza with funny games and good friends. The best part is that Sam has moved back to New York from France so I'll get to see her without the whole plane-across-the-Atlantic issue. Please forgive my grainy photos, my poor lens is on its last legs.

Rich played uplifting records.
Dave was elected President of the United States.
Lindsay diagnosed us all as drunk.

We moved on to Cards Against Humanity that someone gave us at Christmas. I refused to play because I think its too aggressive and its not fun when people get offended or offend others if you're with the wrong group. Being with the right people though changed my mind on it though and it was hilarious and we played through the whole box.


  1. There's nothing better than booze and films with friends!

    Maria xxx

  2. Game nights with friends are the best - Cluedo, Pictionary and good ol charades being amongst my favourites. I've never played Cards Against Humanity but I'm not so into games that breed any kind of aggression - I still bear a grudge against my sister in law from several years ago when she tried to pressure me into selling her a Monopoly property :) Lovely pics - the black and white gives it all a mock serious air :)

  3. Haha, I know friends that hold years old monopoly grudges against me! I think the key to this game is really playing with people you know and who know you. Its all about interpretation and if you're playing w people you don't know, lines you didn't know existed can easily be crossed. Like we all have things that when people joke about it, we just don't think its funny at all and ends up being offensive.
    Glad you like the pics, I did them like this because my lens just made everything look weird. :)

  4. Truth! Not even losing, but someone who has a different sense of humor and just thinks everyone else in the room is a jerk ;)

  5. Have you heard about Feminist Cards Against Humanity? They interviewed the creator of it on Nerdette Podcast... might change both of our minds about the offensive game!

  6. Monopoly is a friendship ruiner. Risk is even worse!

  7. AAahhh I love Cards Against Humanity! It's so awesome. We play it a lot, but we also have a chill group of friends who don't take things too seriously.

  8. Risk is a great way to break up with friends.

  9. Haha I love Cards Against Humanity. It's hilarious! I don't have friends/family that are easily offended nor am I. Also a dark sense of humor helps...
    Also lambic and pizza sounds wonderful. I could probably eat that twice and week and be happy.


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