26 February 2014

color scheme

When we moved in September I thought it might be fun to arrange my closet by color. This was the first time I've ever had a closet that opens up fully (as in not reaching for stuff in the back behind a wall) and everything looked so pretty hanging there. It hit me then that I have a pretty straightforward color scheme I stick to, colors I'm automatically drawn to, and there really are a very few in my closet that don't fall into neutral black/white/grey territory. This outfit in particular really speaks to my "color scheme" because the colors are very bold, the jewel green and blue throughout play as neutrals while the burnt sienna really pops out to the forefront. I love bold, rich colors in soft natural fabrics that let the colors really come through and dark blues and greens like I'm wearing here are major players in my color coded closet life.
Do you have colors that you naturally gravitate towards?

Steve Madden Olaf boots
Marc Jacobs secondhand skirt via Beacons Closet
T Babaton jewel green sweater (similar colored sweater here)
Nars Cruella lip pencil
Nixon watch


  1. I have a lot of royal blue and black in my closet. Because I also color code, I always feel the need to add to certain color categories to make a full rainbow, but I just won't wear yellow, so I guess that curve of the rainbow will remain dim. - Leah, stylewiseguide.com

  2. Blues and greens are my dig! Aswell as orange, so much orange. Although i did find this 90's sports jacket thing the other day, its a pretty bright pink but so rad!

  3. Oh my goodness, you're just the prettiest. Love these photos and that outfit is just incredibly beautiful. Love the colours and the pattern!! xoxo

  4. fashionablecollectionsFebruary 27, 2014 at 12:23 PM

    You look so beautiful - love the colors in this outfit!

  5. Gah I love this outfit. The colors look amazing together, so if that's a result of the reorganization, good call!


  6. Kallie this is so cute! I love the sweater and of course the little boots! Having a normal closet is like hitting fucking gold, I too had those shitty half-closets until I we moved into my house.

  7. I tend to gravitate towards greens and other earth tones in some seasons, and then obscenely bright colours and prints in others, it's a constant flux! The print on that skirt is so sharp and clean, and the whole outfit looks great on you.


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