26 February 2014

color scheme

When we moved in September I thought it might be fun to arrange my closet by color. This was the first time I've ever had a closet that opens up fully (as in not reaching for stuff in the back behind a wall) and everything looked so pretty hanging there. It hit me then that I have a pretty straightforward color scheme I stick to, colors I'm automatically drawn to, and there really are a very few in my closet that don't fall into neutral black/white/grey territory. This outfit in particular really speaks to my "color scheme" because the colors are very bold, the jewel green and blue throughout play as neutrals while the burnt sienna really pops out to the forefront. I love bold, rich colors in soft natural fabrics that let the colors really come through and dark blues and greens like I'm wearing here are major players in my color coded closet life.
Do you have colors that you naturally gravitate towards?

Steve Madden Olaf boots
Marc Jacobs secondhand skirt via Beacons Closet
T Babaton jewel green sweater (similar colored sweater here)
Nars Cruella lip pencil
Nixon watch

24 February 2014

winter veggies

My new favorite dinner is this simple kale and bean dish, perfect for days that are snowy and dark and you crave greens and carbs. It came from a slightly modified version of this recipe. You'll need kale and broccoli, chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes, lemon wedge and ricotta cheese.
Toss the kale, broccoli, garlic and chickpeas with the olive oil in a big bowl.
So normally I might sautee it, but I got a chance to use the broiler here for the first time. In a cast iron pan broil the mixture and toss with red pepper flakes for 5 minutes. Stir it, and broil for another 5 or so minutes.
Serve with tri-color pasta and ricotta cheese and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

20 February 2014


The last time I had a monogram sweater was probably in middle school when those things were all the rage at the local mall. This sweater changed my mind completely about my notion of monograms being kind of childish and flashy. Over a year ago I eyed it up at Opening Ceremony and simultaneously fell in love with how pretty it was and was repulsed by the price. Opening Ceremony sales seem to hold a lot of luck for me scoring sweaters I lust after because I got this for less than half of the original price. Its gorgeous, with blue metallic flowers surrounding my initial on a field of bright white knit, and its super cozy too.
As fashion is mostly dictated by the weather in my life, this is another go-to snow day outfit. An ultra comfy jersey knit pencil skirt with a sweater, old booties and of course the navy duffle jacket that's kept me warm all winter.

Opening Ceremony sweater
American Apparel jersey knit skirt
Madewell button down
Steve Madden booties
H&M tights
Topshop coat
vintage hair clip

17 February 2014

game night

About three weeks ago we hosted a game night at our apartment. Beer, lambic and pizza with funny games and good friends. The best part is that Sam has moved back to New York from France so I'll get to see her without the whole plane-across-the-Atlantic issue. Please forgive my grainy photos, my poor lens is on its last legs.

Rich played uplifting records.
Dave was elected President of the United States.
Lindsay diagnosed us all as drunk.

We moved on to Cards Against Humanity that someone gave us at Christmas. I refused to play because I think its too aggressive and its not fun when people get offended or offend others if you're with the wrong group. Being with the right people though changed my mind on it though and it was hilarious and we played through the whole box.

13 February 2014


Its thunder-snowing outside so its appropriate that I share these photos from a few Saturday's ago when it was warm and sunny and there seemed to be an end to this winter in sight. Also, appropriate because this is my go-to snowy day outfit for work, a snow suit of sorts. Its ultra cozy with a heat-tech slip and button down shirt under the thick long sleeved dress. Winking at the 60's vibe of tall boots and a mini skirt, I usually pair it with my soft brown leather riding boots which also keeps my legs warm and dry. Considering how much snow we've been having its nice to reach into my closet and know whats going to work for the day without stressing.
I couldn't keep my eyes open while Rich was taking my picture, I'm so unaccustomed to sunlight it was searing my eyeballs out.
Vintage dress
thrifted gap button down
H&M 200 den tights
Ava & Aiden riding boots
Madewell tote
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