10 January 2014

veronica mars: teen idol

I'm so excited I'm practically jumping as I type: in March the Veronica Mars movie will be arriving in theaters. After what feels like forever we will finally find out whats happened to all of our favorite Neptune teens ten years into the future. Just between us, I've been reading Veronica Mars fan fic for years and have very high expectations for this next chapter in my favorite private eye's life. Veronica was so badass, but she also had a lot of faults that got her in to trouble and the best part about her characters obsessive personality, taste for revenge and inability to trust was that extra bit of sarcasm and attitude she added.
Now that SoapNet here in the US is gone the entire series is finally back on the internet over at Amazon so if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend getting on that this weekend.
Here are the trailers for the movie, coming out in March, just in time for my birthday.

When I heard Logan's voice on the phone call to her, I screamed "EPIC LOVE!" V Mars fans will understand the reference.


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  2. This is the next series that Mark and I want to watch, very excited to start it!

    Maria xxx

  3. So excited for this! I haven't gone back and watched the show in so long. I think I may have to do that before March.

  4. Me too! I plan to watch the entire thing again soon :)

  5. OBVIOUSLY you love Veronica Mars. All the cool girls I know love Veronica Mars because she is literally the coolest. I was pretty much in love with her (and Logan) way back when. I can.Not.Wait for the movie. SHE HAS TO DUMP PIZ

  6. As someone who watched the TV series and LOVED IT, YES! Thanks for sharing these as I was so unaware that the trailer was out. I knew they raised the money to make the movie on kickstarter, but I was unaware that they completed the movie at all! YEYEYEYEY! I actually forgot who Piz was at first. When they showed clips from the show i the second part you posted, it came to me and I said, "Oh yeah! I remember now."


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