06 January 2014

snowed in.

On Thursday vacation ended and I went back to work in Manhattan and the regular daily trains and patterns. Hardly anyone was working, they were finishing their New Year's Week at home. But those that were there peeked out the windows very often and constantly wondered when the forecasted snow would arrive. Like little excited kids who plan to sleep with their pajamas inside out so they'll be given a snow day we all talked about how it would be in the morning. Would anyone be in the next day?
Friday morning I woke up and got ready for work while the sun came up and when it did, the world looked like a shiny snow globe.
Rich checked his email in bed and was told to stay at home. I wasn't given the day off, but I still got to stay put so I went back to sleep until work normally starts at 8:30.
I worked from our spare room (it feels so good to say that! to have more than one room!) in my cozy pajamas with hot tea straight from the kettle. Checked emails, banged on the keyboard, caught up with my co-workers who were working from home as well.
At around noon the snow stopped, I got dressed and Rich and I took a walk down to the beach through a few snowdrifts.
We met up with Trish to watch some of her friends surf on the coldest day of the year.

And, back to work!
A late lunch and answering some emails.
Rich stayed in the living room practicing his ukulele I got him from Christmas while I finished working in the office.
In the evening Trish and Vic walked over for beers and a pasta dinner.
And that was it for Friday because it was the coldest night since 1988. After dinner I hid under all the blankets with Rich on the couch and watched TV with tea until bed.


  1. Again, so envious of your beach pictures! Beautifully done!
    Looks like a great day :)


  2. summerbourne.blogspot.comJanuary 7, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    Sounds like a perfect day! So nice to live in walking distance to friends.
    <3 Daniella

  3. Haha..I must be :) Yay...looking forward to it!

  4. Nothing can beat a snow day ever!! What a cozy day you had. And this guy who was surfing is totally crazy!!! In a good way of course :))
    Can't wait to see more of your sweet home (cheated from previous comments).

  5. it's so weird for me to see snow on a beach! I know you guys are being slammed with the cold weather and I'm sure it's not fun most of the time, but I am loving all the pictures! I live in a tropical country where the temperature hardly ever changes and I miss being cold so much...

  6. I have to say, it was really weird for me too. I can't even remember the last time I saw that. It was also piled into drifts with huge chunks of frozen sea water and sand in these crazy shapes formed by the wind. Completely wild.
    I'd trade you for some tropical breezes right about now! You're in the Philippines right?

  7. Totally crazy in the COMPLETELY CRAZY way haha. They go everyday, nothing stops them.

  8. and now it is snowing again!! It truly was so so so cold on that day though!!!


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