14 January 2014

pom pom.

As I slowly decorate this plain white apartment I spend a lot of time looking for ideas. One of those was to try to ignore the wheat colored carpet in our bedroom and fill it with colors I love. It all started to come together when we chose a print for the wall which hopefully we will buy soon (though I think a vacuum cleaner will have to take priority), but I also wanted to make something too as a start. I saw this pom pom garland on Pinterest and suddenly I was seeing these festive poms everywhere.
I went with the super simple "hand wrapping" method after reading about 10 different ways to make them. You simply wrap the yarn around your fingers until it looks "poofy" enough. You slide it off and cut it off the roll and snip a long piece to tie the middle. After that you cut through the linked loops, and then trim as necessary to make it round. The trimming as necessary part is a bit messy, but its fun to give a pom pom a haircut.
Here are the instructions I used (substituting my hand for a fork).


  1. Ok....I am doing this. I've made these pom poms like this before, to make a ridiculous headband. Now I'll make them for my bedroom!

    I'll report back ;)

  2. Its so janky in real life...I should really start over haha. I strung it together when I was sick and then realized that I did a TERRIBLE job.

    Now I have to also make a ridiculous headband with pom poms...

  3. what a nice idea! i have a light chain in the same place of your pompom garland, as I don't have a headboard. x

  4. I really want to do a string of fairy lights there! I love that soft glow for reading at night in bed. I may end up doing both since I also don't have a headboard (for now).

  5. Cute :) I think decorating is my favourite part of moving someplace new, and after 21 moves, I have become a master at it. Within a week it looks like I've lived someplace for years haha...


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