02 January 2014

Lazy Vacation Days

On December 30th I recorded my day through my phone. After nearly two whole weeks at home on vacation this is what my days looked like for the most part. It was probably boring to most, but it was completely perfect for me. Now I'm back and work and its so nice to look back on lazy days.
Woke up late and made some pretty,pink raspberry tea. Unfortunately Rich had to work so I drank it while watching The Sword in the Stone, as you do when you are a grown-up tea-drinking woman.
I spent some time working on a pom pom garland I'm making for our bedroom. Yarn bits everywhere!

Cleaned up the apartment, washed all the dishes.

Got dressed in my "thrifting uniform." It consists of leggings (which otherwise should never really be worn as pants), a button down and camisole, oversized sweater and flat boots. This helps so that you don't have to completely strip down in the middle of a filthy store to try on equally filthy clothes. Just pop off your big sweater and try everything on top of your skinnys.
Went to Brooklyn and bought ALL OF THE THINGS and only spent $65. Success.

Bathing beauties.

Steaming some kale for dinner.

Dinner with Rich: steamed kale, spaghetti with garlic and kidney beans with parmesan on top.
Pajamas and a movie. We watched The Five Year Engagement. I don't really recommend it, I didn't really like how Violet was written, it had some funny moments but overall the characters were grating and the whole thing just left me with a bad impression. Rich decided that our stuffed rat, Edwin, needed to get dolled up in one of my pom poms for New Years Eve. Dapper rat.


  1. It looks so peaceful, it seems that you need this vacation! Btw, the kiss on the mirror is atracted my attention, it's so funny :)

    I hope you'll share a DIY about how to do pom pom garlands!!!

    Hugs and wish you a happy 2014.

  2. I did need it! Actually I spent like 3 hours reading all of the back entries of your blog :) The kiss on the mirror is really funny. Rich wrote "kisses" on it in a marker before we lived together and I never erased it and when we had our party someone left us a red lipstick kiss and I just don't want to wipe it off!

    The poms are so easy! I will definitely post a how-to.

  3. Your thrifting uniform is genius! Especially because those dressing rooms are always so cold!

  4. Freezing!! ALWAYS. Except in the summer when they are stifling and you feel like you're choking on mothballs.

  5. This is a great idea, you make me want to try documenting my day at some point. Also, that is a great thrifting uniform! I always feel so self-conscious when I wear leggings as pants though.

    Also, totally agree with you about The Five Year Engagement. I had high hopes for it, and some of the parts were hilarious, but overall it made me feel pretty let down.

  6. OK with that movie, did you feel like it was SUPER unrealistic how Violet acted about sex? It made me feel really weird. Like this wonderful woman was perfect and marriage and giving-up career worthy because she "wanted to get weird" all the time. I didn't like it, its cool to have sexual characters but this was set up all wrong.

    Document your day! I wanna read it!

    Leggings aren't pants unless you're thrifting...or lazy lol

  7. Haha, good memory, I couldn't erase neither if I were you :)
    I hope you enjoyed my blog then. I remember that once I read all over yours, then I was surprised when I saw Istanbul captures!

  8. I thought that you found it through the Istanbul pictures! No? I am LOVING your NY pictures and I'm sorry we never met. The summer was so horrible for me, and I'm still sorry!

  9. Alex and I have the same Ikea rats!! I think we have 3 of them. And they are always somewhere random around the apartment. Always a sucker for Ikea stuffies.

  10. No, I found your blog while searching New York then I looked at all previous posts which include also Istanbul adventures :))
    I was so sad that I couldn't make it to Bloggers meeting. I will definitely go back to NEw York sometime!!! Or maybe also you can visit Istanbul again!!

  11. I can't believe you found me when you searched NY, I feel so cool now haha :D
    Oh I will definitely be going back to Istanbul! I went with my friend when I visited and I thought it was so beautiful and romantic I'd like to go back with my boyfriend and also to go to Dalyan and Cappadocia which we didn't do when we visited because it was winter.

  12. I love that rat so much. Rich makes a voice for it, we blame everything that happens in the apartment on it, I nap with it all the time. Ikea...the most genius place in the world


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