04 January 2014

last night out in 2013

My final night out in 2013 was last Friday, since then I mostly just stayed home and had friends over. The day started out terribly. Our kitchen and bathroom sinks were broken and the toilet was shattered because it had all been installed wrong to begin with. I also found out that the post office lost a package from a company I was collaborating with and one of Rich's Christmas presents. Then, Rich and I tried to go out for lunch and when I took a bite of my soup there was a piece of yellow plastic in my mouth. It was awful, terrible and the worst.
After all that I poured some wine, slugged it down and chased it with vanilla ice cream. Rich put some tater tots in the oven and things started to get better.
We relaxed on the couch eating full plates of tater tots and drinking huge glasses of wine.
We watched some episodes of Bored to Death. I just love Jason Schwartzman, such a babe, but the show is too weird now. Its not really even funny anymore.
Lindsay came over for a drink and we headed out to the West End of Long Beach.
Dave's band was playing at The Inn!
We drank beers and danced until it was time to go home. I think it was a great ending to what could have been a terrible day.


  1. sorry that it started out bad but hey, my new years wasnt as eventful at the start but it turned out great like yours too!


  2. Broken bathroom - that's never good. Regardless, looks like the night ended well. And you looked so happy and pretty too.

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  3. summerbourne.blogspot.comJanuary 5, 2014 at 7:24 AM

    Good for you for turning your day around. Happy 2014!



  4. Oh this wasn't New Year's, it was a few nights before. I spent New Year's listening to records at home and was asleep before midnight haha. I'm pretty low key about it ;) What did you do?

  5. Aw thank you, thats so sweet. I was so upset about the plumbing agghhhh!

  6. I looooove Jason Schwartzmen! Happy New Year!


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