31 January 2014

friday list.

I've been sick and uninspired so I thought a fun list would be a good way to say "hey whats up!" after a little impromptu hiatus. I lifted this from one of my current favorite reads Wilderness.

What did you look like one year ago today?
I lived in Queens, had black hair. Rich took my picture and was making me laugh so that we could hardly get a good shot.

when did you wake up this morning?

First at 4 when Rich let go of me and got out of bed, and then again at 6:45 an hour after I'm supposed to be up for work.

what was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
The first time was "stop that, go back to sleep" and the second was "oh shit! oh well, I'll just take the later train."

have you called someone this morning who and what you said?

I called the bank about officially paying off my car!

what mood are you in?
A little stressed. I sometimes come here to type out my thoughts while I'm at work because it clears out my brain so that I am less distracted by things outside the window or noises in the office and I can focus. I'm quite busy but if I can't concentrate nothing will get done.

do you hurt anywhere?

Just a little, my bronchitis is finally going away with the addition of a second inhaler and lots of cold pills and tea. Its been almost 3 weeks of this so of course my nose and lips are red from blowing my nose 10,000 times.

if you could choose anything to eat right now, what are you hungry for?

olives. as always.

what did you buy when you pulled your card last?
strawberries and cantaloupe for breakfast in the cafeteria.

which was the first website you visited on the internet?

I checked the weather and then my email like every morning. Then an article about Colonel Meow passing away because I saw on Instagram that he died. I've been thinking a lot lately about what will happen when all our favorite internet cats pass away, its sad but they have much shorter lifespans than humans.

what are you doing tonight?

Friends are coming over for a game night at our apartment. Pizza and beers. Sam moved back to NY from France too, so its going to be a big American fun-house!

which is the first song you put on today?
Belle and Sebastian: I Don't Love Anymore. It was the first song that was queued up from my playlist yesterday afternoon. I have been revisiting all their songs while I wait to see Stuart Murdoch's God Help the Girl.

what were you doing exactly a week ago, this time?
sitting in my desk at work counting the minutes until the weekend.

what are you wearing today?
my new favorite outfit. I've worn it every Friday for three weeks since I bought this skirt.

The weekend then, what about it?
The beach, the superbowl, more pizza, more beers, friends.


  1. Well that skirt is awesome and probably goes with everything, so keep wearing it a ton! Also, hell yes to olives. I crave them too for whatever reason. Olives and donuts...
    I love posts like this! I feel like they let me get to know the blogger better!

  2. I hate that feeling when you wake up and think everything's okay and then you really look at the clock and go "oh crud!". I love the q&a post!

  3. hey kailie, i have a question: is your longchamp tote a size M oder L?
    Thank you! such a lovely blog <3

  4. Thanks! Yea, its the worst haha especially when you want to sleep more.

  5. That first pic of you is so lovely! Love that outfit too, it looks so cosy!

    Maria xxx


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