25 December 2013

Warmed House

Last Saturday night Rich and I invited everyone we love to our fancy dress housewarming party. We had kegs of craft beer and fairy lights in the backyard, a punch bowl with brandy-soaked fruit in the kitchen and Christmas music playing in the living room. It was the perfect party with all of our friends and families.
My handsome roommate-boyfriend.

Lindsay and Kelly playing with paper doll fridge magnets.

Everyone showed up in their best clothes.

Dave, Dave and LK

Greg and Kelly

Joe and Clare

Group picture!

Cheers from my living room

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Our house is very warm now! Merry Christmas!


  1. I see you got the bicycle taken down from on top of the cabinet! Looks warm and lovely! Also, really great pictures of everyone. :)

  2. LOL its in our bedroom right now because of the party, oh well. Thanks lady, I reallllly wish you could have been there. Then it would have been PERFECT. I'm trying to convince Rich we should go to Europe in September so I'll have to pick your brain for ideas :)


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