16 December 2013

Mele Kalikimaka

Oh hey there, its been awhile! Tomorrow I go on vacation for 2 weeks and I won't see my office until 2014. Despite the tropical Christmas greeting its just a stay-cation. I'll have time to do projects I've been putting off, see friends I've been putting off. Until then I'll spend today and tomorrow sitting at my desk clicking away at the keyboard listening to Christmas music and desperately trying not to get distracted. Here's this years Christmas list that you can listen to here on Spotify.


  1. Truth: I love staycations as much as I love travel-filled vacations. Get it girl! And thanks for sharing the playlist. I'm working on mine too :)

  2. Do share that list! I love all Christmas playlists and will probably listen to them until its spring.

  3. Staycations count! I love that pink tree and I have NO idea why... I usually hate pink like that. Looks so great here!


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