01 December 2013

Casual Thanksgiving

Dressing up is (clearly) kind of my thing, but lately I'm just like, GIVE ME ALL THE LEGGINGS AND SWEATERS. The past few years on Thanksgiving my family has had a massive extended family celebration, but this we're paring down and its just me and my grandparents. Not that I wouldn't put on a gorgeous dress to impress them, but I know that given the opportunity to overeat grandpa's cooking means that whatever I'm wearing needs generous stretchability. So normally I would get up early, put rollers in my hair, put on a pretty holiday outfit I've been planning for weeks and a swipe of lipstick. This year, I'm fully embracing the fact that I will be stuffing myself, watching football and falling asleep on the couch. Just as it should be. Oh, and full disclosure, I wore this again on Friday for biking and seeing Catching Fire.

Uniqlo silk blouse
American Apparel sweater and leggings
Steve Madden boots
Madewell tote and sunglasses
Vintage sweater from Iceland


  1. Even without actually wearing a dress, you still look very cute and put-together! I especially lvoe the icelandic sweater and the boots!

    What did you think of Catching Fire? I also saw it over the Thanksgiving weekend and loved it.

  2. steffys pros & consDecember 1, 2013 at 11:54 PM

    you look adorable. oh that long beach light <3333

  3. Thanks! The light really is so good in LB. xo

  4. Thanks!

    I really liked it. It was much "truer" to the book. There were obviously a few things left out, but I feel like they did it for specific reasons. Like Plutarch and showing the watch to Katniss scene, it would have been superfluous to the movie because we don't have Katniss narrating the way she does in the book, speculating about it. It just wouldn't have made sense, but I do think it will make it into deleted scenes. But yea, it was GOOD. What did you think of it?

    I can't believe how long we have to wait for the next one. UGH!

  5. great layering indeed, it feels natural rather than forced :) and I love the beach as a backdrop! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  6. Moving to the beach did wonders for my photos, lots of light! Thanks!

  7. This is casual but still better than most of the get-ups I've seen! I love the pink sweater with the Fairisle sweater on top. Such a good look. I wish it was that sunny here today!

  8. Thanks! I wish it were sunny here too. It makes the cold much less miserable.

  9. Emily_RubySlippersDecember 3, 2013 at 4:23 AM

    I did manage to get myself into a dress for Thanksgiving, but since then it´s been jeans and sweaters all the way.

    Ahhhh can´t wait to go see Catching Fire with my sister!!

  10. Its so nice that shes close by now! I'm so sorry about the job situation, we need to email.

  11. you look so warm and cozy! I love how you layered your sweaters. We saw Catching Fire on Thanksgiving night, it was good! And nice to get out of our too-warm apartment after eating too much.

  12. How do you always look so pretty even in a casual outfit?!

    Maria xxx


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