05 November 2013

Made in America Festival

So, now that you know I've been so sad and have been effectively avoiding my blog this year I want to let you know it wasn't all doom and gloom around here. One of my best memories of the summer was a girls road trip to Philadelphia for Made in America Festival way back on Labor Day Weekend.
I packed Lynn and Courteney into my car and drove down to Philadelphia early Saturday morning. We walked a million miles to brunch but it was worth it because we could make our own cocktails at the table and be as loud as we wanted.
Afterwards we walked to the festival in Fairmount Park which was a bit of an odd place for a concert because it was mostly blockaded streets. We managed to find a shady spot to set up our blanket.

Festival-fairy Courteney

I needed to shut my eyes for a little while between acts

We sat in the field watching the sunset and waiting for Phoenix and Beyonce. There's such a funny story about the boy in the 17 jersey. Him and his friends were saying things like "I don't even like Beyonce" when she started playing. By the second song they were signing along. By the time she got to Single Ladies they were doing the dance steps. It was perfect

On Sunday morning a fire alarm went off in Sarah's building waking us up at about 6am after we had been up until at least 4. We went outside and stood around here with a guy who was wearing just a Spiderman towel. I thought it would be impolite to take his picture
It was sponsored by Budweiser and we managed to sneak in beers for the second day so we wouldn't have to overpay. Here we are with our smuggled Bud Lights with the Budweiser sign
Another field, another nap
After this there aren't really many pictures, and they are only phone shots because cameras weren't allowed inside. Calvin Harris was my favorite act and we all danced like crazy. Lynn and I were super excited to see Queens of the Stone Age and made some friends in the crowd. Nine Inch Nails played as we said goodbye to Philadelphia and drove off into the night.
A pretty good end-of-summer weekend!


  1. Looks like a fun trip!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Eloise Worrall-BaderNovember 5, 2013 at 8:31 PM

    Eugh, this sounds absoloutly amazing!


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