06 November 2013

Clean white sneakers

I swear everyone I know hates these shoes except for me. According to my Topshop account (which I had to check because I couldn't even remember) I bought them in February but never blogged an outfit in them. Since we're playing catch up here I figured it was finally time to give them some love. For a long time I wanted the Isabel Marant sneakers and even tried them on in Paris but I didn't have that kind of cash and I didn't like any knockoffs. Then I tried some flatforms but I didn't keep them because they were impossible to move in. Finally, I talked myself out of the expensive Opening Ceremony ones and settled on a more reasonable pair of heeled sneakers from Topshop. They add just the right amount of fun to pep up a simple outfit.

Topshop Activist Boots similar here from Opening Ceremony and Topshop
BDG pants
Madewell blouse
AA Sweater
Boden Coat
Silk scarf from Thailand
vintage coach purse


  1. Hmmm...on the fence about them. They remind me of a combination of ice skates (good) and construction boots (not so good). I'm all about rocking individual style, though, so you go girl! :)


  2. OMG ICE SKATES. YES! Now I love them even more hahaha.

  3. I think they are super cute in a swedish hasbeens kinda way! trust your instincts, young padawan

  4. I like them! They're kind of 90s and ice skater-y. They do add a punch to this simple outfit. You always look so cute in sweaters over button-down shirts. I need to wear that combination more often.

  5. I have a weird obsession with sneaker wedges and heels, too. They're awesome and you wear them well. - Leah, wisestyle.wordpress.com


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