25 October 2013

The Tooth Fairy (Anesthesia makes me conceited)

AAAANNNDDD we're back. Remember how I was constantly complaining of "not feeling so hot." Turns out my wisdom tooth was super infected and making my life pretty difficult for awhile. Never ending sinus infections, mouth pain, ear aches, stomach aches and most recently not being able to move my jaw.
This morning my sweet-Saint of a boyfriend held my hand while I got put under to get all four teeth taken out in order to fix the problem and avoid future ones. He's also been taking care of me and keeping me cuddled up on our couch with plenty of ice cream and fresh gauze.

Apparently just as the anesthesia was kicking in I told him I wanted his last name , and that he was a ginger (he isn't but his beard has some red in it). I also referenced all of you wonderful readers! I said something like, "I want to blog about this. I have thousands of blog followers you know." I guess anesthesia makes me brag.
But guys, its quality not quantity and I think I have the best blog readers on the Interwebs. That is NOT the Vicodin talking either.
After it was all over my Dr. said I have massive teeth. "Size 10 teeth in a size 3 girl." I of course kept them and am obsessed with looking at them.
Should I be the tooth fairy for Halloween?


  1. holy shit those teeth are huge!! get them made into earrings and a necklace.

  2. Full teeth are so much cooler looking than those broken teeth we'd get as kids. They come at a price, tho. I am so blessed to be genetically freakish and not have any wisdom teeth. I hope you feel better soon and I'm glad they caught the infection before it got real scary!

  3. Yes! Precisely! That would be so weird-cool. I'd never stop looking at them. Maybe I should get them dipped in bronze...

  4. I too got my wisdom teeth out a week or so before halloween! My experience was terrible, but it seems like you are already doing better than I was. Good Luck! And keep those honking teeth!


  5. http://www.mystreetsweets.com/wisdom-teeth/

  6. Emily_RubySlippersOctober 26, 2013 at 4:16 AM

    Your teeth are scary! They had to break at least one of my wisdom teeth to get it out, and I think I lost the rest. Rest up and keep enjoying the guilt-free ice cream!

  7. Oh my your teeth look really huge! I would have kept them too. Vicodin makes people say the darndest things haha! To funny!

  8. my teeth are huge too! the dentist had to gain leverage on my chair to pull them out.



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