26 October 2013

Pumpkins and novelty sweaters

A few Saturday's ago when my tooth ailment wasn't quite killing me yet our friends Kelly and Greg joined Rich and I for a day out east on the North Fork. Rich and I try to get out there as often as we can but every autumn we make it out for pumpkins, doughnuts and beer. I think its great that we always go with different friends so we can share our favorite spots with them. I was extra excited because last year when Rich lived out there Sandy hit the weekend we planned to observe our autumnal traditions and after that it didn't seem important.
But anyway, we loaded up the car full of friends and egg sandwiches and headed east to the North Fork.
Greg and Kelly search for their perfect pumpkins at Krupskis.

Casually posing for an "outfit" shot between friends. Suddenly all I want to wear is pants! (5 year old BDG jeans, JCrew embroidered top and cardigan, vintage sunglasses, Vans)
Greg and Rich do Grant Wood. Very classy.
Apple cider doughnuts (and not pictured: fresh apples) we picked up on the Main Road.

Then it was over to Mattebella Vineyard for an afternoon wine tasting. Our reds were paired with bacon jam and homemade brownies in little bite sized cubes.
Rich's sister Trish has been spending her weekends at Mattebella pouring wine and learning about vineyards so she joined us for a bit to catch up.
Down by the water at the end of the street Rich lived on last year. He's just so damn fine.
Greg, Kelly and Greg's Cosby-sweater he found at a church sale we stopped at.
Its not a trip to Greenport without a trip to the brewery.
Also not pictured is a friend chicken and potato dinner at Salamanders and a moonlit walk on the bay before heading home. Sometimes its more fun to leave the camera in the car.


  1. Oh, look at all those wonderful pumpkins! Looks like a great day.

  2. Emily_RubySlippersOctober 28, 2013 at 4:53 AM

    Next time i´m coming in the Autumn. You look happy, lady!

  3. The absolute best time to come to NY is in October. Its still warm enough that you can be outside, but the leaves have just started to get some color. Best month on the calendar here.
    Pretty happy :) I have to email you.

  4. looks like so much fun!



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