02 October 2013

Autumn Inspiration 1

I haven't quite got a system for documenting my own outfits yet since my new commute gets me home after dark, but, I have been squirreling away a ton of inspiring pictures on Pinterest. My favorite season is here with its glorious final heatwave before the chill sets in and crystal clear blue skies. I'm so happy in my new apartment and feeling really energized about blogging from all the positive change around me.
Suddenly I'm really into adding a bit of drama to my outfits like an extra fluffy collar or an over sized cape for chilly days. Weirdly enough these are totally reminiscent of my mom's style which makes me think that the saying "You turn into your parents at around 30" is slowly starting to come true in my case.
Stylebistro.com and Garancedore.fr
Of course I'll always have a soft spot for schoolgirl plaids, especially at this time of year. I'm especially drawn to red based plaids paired with sleek, crisp basics in black, white or navy.
lookbook and trini g
Everything in Reykjavik was inspiring from the colorful houses and dreamy landscapes to the bar hoppers and glacier hikers. My newest Internet obsession is Reykjavik Nights, dedicated to documenting the coolest happenings in town and fashion inspiration for days. Over sized fuzzy coats, super opaque black tights, pastels and stripes, cozy hand knit sweaters. Give me all of it.
As always, mini skirts. Always and forever. Now with sneakers! Also, this girl Matilda Lindmark keeps popping up in my Pinterest, I love her style, its really put together but looks lived in and comfortable.The-streetstyle.tumblr.com and symmetry systems.tumblr.com


  1. Emily_RubySlippersOctober 4, 2013 at 7:56 AM

    Capes! I'm with you on all of these. I love tartan, I love short skirts with tights, I love a bit of drama. My only complaints with fall fashion are a)it means summer is over and b)everything costs more so it's hard to get as much stuff for your buck.


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