31 October 2013

Halloween for the professional trick-or-treater

Its really sad but I feel like I'm growing out of Halloween. Its another year that I don't have a proper costume and haven't been to any Halloween parties. When it falls in the middle of the week when I can't really go out and celebrate I end up being a total party pooper. Tonight I wanted to knock on a door and yell "trick or treat" and say that I was masquerading as a grown up. I can't chew candy yet though so I felt like it wouldn't be worth it but I did really consider it. Instead I'm snuggled up on the couch watching Addams Family Values and dreaming of all the candy I'm going to eat when the oral surgeon takes my stitches out tomorrow.
All this got me thinking about how to get into the spirit of and fun of Halloween, but still pull it off as an adult with a job, things to do and places to go. Here are some ideas I came up with, mostly centered around cheeky purses that make the outfit.

A classic pumpkin.
Pumpkin costume

Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon


28 October 2013

Fall Flowers

Here's a good example of how I've looked for about the past month. I've been on a crazy pants kick lately, its just so comfortable and easy. As my great-grandmother told me once, if you don't know what to wear, you can't go wrong with black slacks and a white blouse. And here's a peek at the outside of our apartment, with some fall flowers to match my blouse.

Maje blouse
H&M high waisted pants
Bloch ballet flats
Uniqlo sweater
vintage Coach purse

27 October 2013

The Toothless Menu

There's a very short list of things you're allowed to eat when you get your wisdom teeth out, but Rich and I both know that I can be pretty evil if I don't eat properly. Here is how I've been eating since getting my wisdom teeth out on thanks to my loving, wonderful and caring boyfriend who has taken care of everything for me right down to my salt-water rinses and wrapping ice packs around my head while I sleep.
The meals got pretty impressive today when Rich and I made an early morning run to the farmers market to stock up on blendable foods for the week and I thought I'd share some delicious fall meal ideas that happen to be great if you need to get your wisdom teeth out.
Mashed purple cauliflower and potatoes with garlic.
Boil purple cauliflower, potatoes, a few cloves of garlic and a handful of fresh basil leaves until tender. Drain and mash with extra butter. They are the most beautiful lavender hue and it tastes amazing.

Mark Bittman's potato-leek soup with creme fraiche.
A rutabaga and acorn squash soup with thyme. We didn't have celeriac so we improvised and skipped the pesto.

So the last two soups look almost exactly the same but taste completely different. The potato leek is savory and simple while the rutabaga and squash is a little spicier, sweeter and has a lot more flavors in it. Both were made of veggies we got from our parents' yards or famers markets.
And of course there's been an obscene amount of jello, ice cream and applesauce.

26 October 2013

Pumpkins and novelty sweaters

A few Saturday's ago when my tooth ailment wasn't quite killing me yet our friends Kelly and Greg joined Rich and I for a day out east on the North Fork. Rich and I try to get out there as often as we can but every autumn we make it out for pumpkins, doughnuts and beer. I think its great that we always go with different friends so we can share our favorite spots with them. I was extra excited because last year when Rich lived out there Sandy hit the weekend we planned to observe our autumnal traditions and after that it didn't seem important.
But anyway, we loaded up the car full of friends and egg sandwiches and headed east to the North Fork.
Greg and Kelly search for their perfect pumpkins at Krupskis.

Casually posing for an "outfit" shot between friends. Suddenly all I want to wear is pants! (5 year old BDG jeans, JCrew embroidered top and cardigan, vintage sunglasses, Vans)
Greg and Rich do Grant Wood. Very classy.
Apple cider doughnuts (and not pictured: fresh apples) we picked up on the Main Road.

Then it was over to Mattebella Vineyard for an afternoon wine tasting. Our reds were paired with bacon jam and homemade brownies in little bite sized cubes.
Rich's sister Trish has been spending her weekends at Mattebella pouring wine and learning about vineyards so she joined us for a bit to catch up.
Down by the water at the end of the street Rich lived on last year. He's just so damn fine.
Greg, Kelly and Greg's Cosby-sweater he found at a church sale we stopped at.
Its not a trip to Greenport without a trip to the brewery.
Also not pictured is a friend chicken and potato dinner at Salamanders and a moonlit walk on the bay before heading home. Sometimes its more fun to leave the camera in the car.

25 October 2013

The Tooth Fairy (Anesthesia makes me conceited)

AAAANNNDDD we're back. Remember how I was constantly complaining of "not feeling so hot." Turns out my wisdom tooth was super infected and making my life pretty difficult for awhile. Never ending sinus infections, mouth pain, ear aches, stomach aches and most recently not being able to move my jaw.
This morning my sweet-Saint of a boyfriend held my hand while I got put under to get all four teeth taken out in order to fix the problem and avoid future ones. He's also been taking care of me and keeping me cuddled up on our couch with plenty of ice cream and fresh gauze.

Apparently just as the anesthesia was kicking in I told him I wanted his last name , and that he was a ginger (he isn't but his beard has some red in it). I also referenced all of you wonderful readers! I said something like, "I want to blog about this. I have thousands of blog followers you know." I guess anesthesia makes me brag.
But guys, its quality not quantity and I think I have the best blog readers on the Interwebs. That is NOT the Vicodin talking either.
After it was all over my Dr. said I have massive teeth. "Size 10 teeth in a size 3 girl." I of course kept them and am obsessed with looking at them.
Should I be the tooth fairy for Halloween?

10 October 2013

Wishlist 1, 2, 3

Here are some of the things on my fall wishlist. Plenty of rich colors, a sensible bag for my long commute and a new perfume. I'm also, suddenly, really interested in trousers. I haven't been a pants-person in years, but perhaps that could be changing this season.
Fall wishlist 1
Fall wishlist 3
Fall wish list 2

07 October 2013

City by the Sea

After spending about a year and a half living in my cute little studio in Queens, the cuteness started to wear off and after a lot of lonely days and anxious nights I realized that New York City just isn't where I'm meant to be right now. A big part of that decision was Rich and I deciding to live together and choosing a place where we would both be happy.
I've never been one of those people who dreamed about living in New York City, but I have always wanted to live in Long Beach on Long Island. I still work in Manhattan and I get a lot of questions about why I'd move somewhere an hour outside of the city when just weeks ago I was only 4 subways stops from my office. Who cares if people think I'm crazy? Now I wake up every morning and run or bike on the boardwalk to see the sun come up over the ocean instead of going to the gym. Rich and I have friends living in the same neighborhood that we can have over any night of the week instead of doing a long distance shuffle and never feeling like I have enough time to balance my relationship and my friends. After living in 1 room for a year I've got a backyard and a deck and room to breathe.
I'm the happiest I've ever been living in the City by the Sea.

vintage Gap overalls from heart city vintage
Vans classics
H&M stripe tee
1979 Collegiate Sport 10-speed Schwinn
vintage sunglasses from American Deadstock (similar here)

03 October 2013

Last of the summer sun

We're in the middle of a perfect east coast Indian Summer right now, after the first chilly days of autumn the weather snaps right back into summer with beautiful, hazy 80 degree days. Last night Rich and I rode our bikes on the boardwalk in nothing but tee shirts and jeans after dark, I pulled out my sundresses for a final hurrah and I'm generally just enjoying it. Its an interesting time to get dressed since some of the summery stuff has been put away and the fall wardrobe has already crept out of storage. Here are just a few ideas I thought of for this tardy summer sun.
Heat Wave 1

Casual Friday


02 October 2013

Autumn Inspiration 1

I haven't quite got a system for documenting my own outfits yet since my new commute gets me home after dark, but, I have been squirreling away a ton of inspiring pictures on Pinterest. My favorite season is here with its glorious final heatwave before the chill sets in and crystal clear blue skies. I'm so happy in my new apartment and feeling really energized about blogging from all the positive change around me.
Suddenly I'm really into adding a bit of drama to my outfits like an extra fluffy collar or an over sized cape for chilly days. Weirdly enough these are totally reminiscent of my mom's style which makes me think that the saying "You turn into your parents at around 30" is slowly starting to come true in my case.
Stylebistro.com and Garancedore.fr
Of course I'll always have a soft spot for schoolgirl plaids, especially at this time of year. I'm especially drawn to red based plaids paired with sleek, crisp basics in black, white or navy.
lookbook and trini g
Everything in Reykjavik was inspiring from the colorful houses and dreamy landscapes to the bar hoppers and glacier hikers. My newest Internet obsession is Reykjavik Nights, dedicated to documenting the coolest happenings in town and fashion inspiration for days. Over sized fuzzy coats, super opaque black tights, pastels and stripes, cozy hand knit sweaters. Give me all of it.
As always, mini skirts. Always and forever. Now with sneakers! Also, this girl Matilda Lindmark keeps popping up in my Pinterest, I love her style, its really put together but looks lived in and comfortable.The-streetstyle.tumblr.com and symmetry systems.tumblr.com

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