20 September 2013

Orla Kiely SS'14 Perfect and Provoking

This year's SS'14 Orla Kiely collection is perfection. Its a cheeky, utilitarian, retro and with bright prints in a mix of peach, navy, orange, white and yellow throughout is classic Kiely. I love shorts suits, the placket pocketed skirts and the berets, all perfect for outdoor excursions and long days in the office. This is up there in one of my all time favorite collections I've ever seen.

I am, however, disappointed at this white-washed crew of models and the tone of imperialism imparted by the show. On the one hand the idea of these adorably dressed nerdy scientist gals on an outdoor exploration is inspiring; and on the other there is my discomfort at the implications of a bunch of white girls impeccably dressed in the African bush. Originally when I saw this, I thought, "OMG THEY ARE IN THE NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM." I nearly died from excitement because I'm a total NHM-buff and that it was maybe girls on a field trip at the museum, but I was a little off in my guess. Once I learned that the collection was inspired by actual African safari's (and I read somewhere British exploration of Africa) it made me think that this very interesting and thought provoking presentation could have done a better job at layering in the interpretation of British exploration in Africa with more modern sensibilities.

Bottom line: I love the clothes, I'm thrown off by the presentation itself.

Photo credits to WWD.com for runway shots. all other photos Carrie at WishWishWish

17 September 2013

Moving on

Its been quite a year as evidenced by my scanty blogging. Most recent and importantly Rich and I have decided to move in together and since my studio is too small for us we found a new apartment. In a few weeks we'll be in our new home together, but until then just about everything I own is scattered between my current apartment, my mom's house and our new apartment. That makes getting dressed a huge pain and outfit posts may have to be put on hiatus. I also realized that I have way to many things I don't wear anymore. Would anyone be interested if I did a little sale, and also whats best? Instagram? Ebay? Let me hear some opinions!

10 September 2013

Beach days in white

I don't believe in that old rule saying you can't wear white after labor day. The air is still warm and the beaches are still sun-kissed so I am going to take full advantage of every last drop this summer has to offer. Since I've spent most of it chained to my desk at work, I'm heading out of the city every chance I get.
Surfdome was kind enough to send me this beautiful white swimsuit for my days at the beach. There were a lot of bikinis to choose from, but this lovely one piece really appealed to me. The ruching up the sides and the slim string halter top make the shape extra flattering and the material is sturdy enough that I don't have to worry about it being see through after a swim. What I especially like about it is that I can pair it with shorts or a skirt for a flirty beachy look after the sun goes down.
Vintage purse
Bathing suit c/o Surfdome
AA skirt
Saltwater Sandals
Ray Bans (borrowed from Rich)

05 September 2013


Fun fact: "Mode" is light brown. I never knew that until I learned about the original colors of my sorority. A name for light brown that has obviously fallen out of fashion, but I'd like to bring it back since "en mode" implies fashionable. Simple colors have been my go to this summer, particularly shades of brown and this seersucker beauty from American Apparel has gotten quite a bit of wear. In the spirit of nature in late summer I'm gravitating towards mode as it blends in with slightly tanned skin and goes so well with my sensible Longchamp work bag.

American Apparel dress (I want one in every color please)
Seychelles slingback pumps via Liz's swap meet last year
Longchamp Le Pliage
vintage daisy brooch
H&M boater hat
Nixon Kensington watch
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