02 August 2013

Three things...

Where do I go when I don't blog for days on end? My job as a media research analyst, its extremely glamorous if you get really excited about a well organized Excel sheet. Wardrobe fun keeps me sane. Here is a little workplace inspiration I've been looking to lately in the heat of summer.
This jacket, guys. This jacket. I went down to Greene St. today to the Acne Studios store to try it on in all its glory expecting to race home and plunk down a major wad of cash at their online sale. When I tried it on I had so many expectations. In my imagination I looked chic and cool and classic. That I would fall in love and never want to take it off. What I saw in the mirror was a beautiful coat made for someone that is not me. It was boxy, heavy and downright awkward. It did nothing for me and I did nothing for it. We parted ways and I feel a little (a lot) sad about it.
And here is an outfit from two weeks ago that I didn't really like and never posted. I suppose sometimes its good to show things I wear that I'm not satisfied with to learn from it. I just didn't like the proportions or my accessories and I was posing awkwardly which is directly correlated to how much I like an outfit.
TGIF. Its 9:20PM, I just ate an enchilada the size of Texas and its time to sleep.


  1. Emily_RubySlippersAugust 2, 2013 at 10:03 PM

    I love the inspiration, especially the first two, they are amazing! I often find that with expensive designer clothes... they are way heavier and contain more fabric somehow than I expect, and seem heavy and bulky on. Anyway, money saved and all that.

    I like your outfit, mainly because those shoes can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned. :)

  2. Aw I think that outfit looks cute on you! That shade of purple is really pretty. It's too bad about the jacket too. I hate when that happens! But I guess it's good you didn't buy it online and end up disappointed!

  3. Those first two outfits: perfectly proportioned! And i so know what you feel like re: that jacket. You had basically bought the version you'd imagined it to be, and then it wad STOLEN from you by reality :(

  4. Sorry to hear about the jacket, but look at it this way: you saved a sizable amount of money on something that wouldn't have worked out and now you can buy something that will be absolutely perfect for you!

    About your outfit, I think it's a cute summery outfit. Maybe a different pair of shoes and a shorter necklace would've worked a little bit better, but it's still a very cute look :)

  5. Sometimes I dream in Excel spreadsheets. It's pretty sad.

  6. omg, I can't believe that jacket didn't work out for you!! It looks SO PERFECT

  7. Well I think you look super cute!! And not awkward. But I totally get what you mean, sometimes it just ain't working.

  8. Eloise Worrall-BaderAugust 4, 2013 at 2:32 AM

    I still think you look great. Im also digging loose fitting dresses and paired with a tan jacket would be perfect, pity.

    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  9. I have a folder of pictures that I've never posted because I don't particularly like the outfit, but sometimes I'll go back and decide that I do like something, afterall. I'm really moody when it comes to clothes. This is a cute look and I love those vibrant pops of blue.

  10. I think I understand what you mean.
    I happened to fall in love a thousand times a garment and simply not for me.
    It not fits me, not comfortable.
    It feels a little sad when that happens, but do not worry, there are many clothes that are waiting for you. Be comfortable and just for you!!
    (I also think that the jacket looked beautiful anyway)
    A huge hug.



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