25 August 2013

Hot dogs, Chinese food, pizza

A week later here are some of Emily's pictures and some of my pictures from last Saturday while she was visiting. We woke up late, as you do the morning after a night dancing, and went into Manhattan for Summer Streets. We started off in Midtown in order to walk through the art installation beneath the 5th Avenue tunnel that leads to the front of Grand Central Station.
There was a crazy long line but we made some friends and finally we were inside. It was just lots of lights and strange sounds, but it was pretty interesting to walk through somewhere you could normally only drive.
We made our way all the way Uptown along 5th Ave., stopping once for a shamefully overpriced New York style hotdog and to meet up with my mom. I loved being able to walk through the streets that would normally be so crowded.
Finally we made it to the end of the blocked off streets and walked south through Central Park to Mooncake in Hells Kitchen for some Chinese lunch.
We had meant to go to the MoMa PS1 Saturday dance party, but ended up falling asleep in Central Park for awhile. Here's me, terrible posture and all!
There was also a sign in the park that I took as a good omen reading, "You are on the right path to success."
Back in Queens, hours later we ate at my favorite pizza place in Astoria, Milkflower. This is the brussel sprout and egg. Not pictured; the amazing cashew gelato dessert.

It was the perfect Saturday tour of New York and some of our most essential foods.


  1. Those DUMPLINGS, that PIZZA yum.

  2. If you're ever in NY, they are NOT to be missed.

  3. Emily_RubySlippersAugust 29, 2013 at 3:13 PM

    We didn't wake up that late! Didn't we get up at 8:30 or something?

  4. We slept later than we were supposed to haha


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