22 August 2013

Borough Hopping

Last weekend Emily finally came to NY for a visit! It was pretty much the best ever because it included dancing, eating, drinking, gushing about boys and taking one-million ridiculous pictures. I took a short break from work for a few days while she was here and got to play tourist in my own city. And Emily's sight-seeing style is perfect for me: wander, eat, wander, have coffee, wander, have beer, etc. We borough hopped all day from Queens to Brooklyn to Manhattan and back.
Friday morning started with coffee and our first trip Brooklyn of the day for a sample sale at Swords-smith in Williamsburg. It was filled with pretty things from In God We Trust, Samantha Pleet and Family Affairs. Of course I wanted to take half of it home with me.
We had our picture taken in matching Charlotte Taylor dresses.
After spending some money we want to McCarren Park and sat for awhile on a bench and caught up before a walk into Greenpoint and the WNYC Transmitter Park for a peek at Manhattan.
We went back to Queens and quickly met up with Rich. By that time we were starving so we went to one of my favorite local spots, Queens Kickshaw, for some beer and grilled cheese sandwiches.
We stopped taking pictures for quite awhile while we went back to Brooklyn to meet up with Emily for a drink and then into Manhattan for Rebel Night at Otto's Shrunken Head. We had beers, danced, talked blogs, took photobooth pictures and I went by the name Emily so that we could all introduce ourselves with the same name.The three Emily's at the end of a lovely day.


  1. Ohhh what a beautiful day! I did the same thing last week with a friend who visited Istanbul for a couple of days. It's sogood to look at your city with a different perspective :)
    Also only 5 days left for me to go to NYC, yay!!!!! I'm gonna send an e-mail soon!

  2. I love the matching dresses, it sounds like it was such a fun day :)

  3. your outfits are wonderful! i love the vintage-y feel of it! lovely blog :)



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