30 August 2013

All summer long

I've worn this outfit at least once a week this summer and photographed it probably 3 times with the intent of posting it here. This has been the most comfortable, versatile outfit. With flats for daytime strolls through the city, with flatforms for going out to dinner, with a bathing suit underneath for a trip to the beach. A soft cotton crop top and an even softer summer circle skirt can't be beat.
vintage skirt, Beacon's Closet
American Apparel crop top
purse from a shop in Tulum
Saltwater sandals

25 August 2013

Hot dogs, Chinese food, pizza

A week later here are some of Emily's pictures and some of my pictures from last Saturday while she was visiting. We woke up late, as you do the morning after a night dancing, and went into Manhattan for Summer Streets. We started off in Midtown in order to walk through the art installation beneath the 5th Avenue tunnel that leads to the front of Grand Central Station.
There was a crazy long line but we made some friends and finally we were inside. It was just lots of lights and strange sounds, but it was pretty interesting to walk through somewhere you could normally only drive.
We made our way all the way Uptown along 5th Ave., stopping once for a shamefully overpriced New York style hotdog and to meet up with my mom. I loved being able to walk through the streets that would normally be so crowded.
Finally we made it to the end of the blocked off streets and walked south through Central Park to Mooncake in Hells Kitchen for some Chinese lunch.
We had meant to go to the MoMa PS1 Saturday dance party, but ended up falling asleep in Central Park for awhile. Here's me, terrible posture and all!
There was also a sign in the park that I took as a good omen reading, "You are on the right path to success."
Back in Queens, hours later we ate at my favorite pizza place in Astoria, Milkflower. This is the brussel sprout and egg. Not pictured; the amazing cashew gelato dessert.

It was the perfect Saturday tour of New York and some of our most essential foods.

23 August 2013

Gingham and gold

Last Friday Emily took some pretty photos of me at the park in Greenpoint with Manhattan as a backdrop. Its always so fun to hang out with other bloggers. They never think its strange when you ask to have your picture taken and they always come out good.
It was a hot sunny day so I wore this breezy cotton dress I recently bought with some simple summer staples. I love pairing this simple monochrome dress with rich primary colors and I'm already looking forward to layering it in the fall. Gingham and gold is going to be a staple around here in the weeks to come.
Asos Dress
Saltwater sandals
Antoine et Lili purse
American Deadstock sunglasses (similar here)

22 August 2013

Borough Hopping

Last weekend Emily finally came to NY for a visit! It was pretty much the best ever because it included dancing, eating, drinking, gushing about boys and taking one-million ridiculous pictures. I took a short break from work for a few days while she was here and got to play tourist in my own city. And Emily's sight-seeing style is perfect for me: wander, eat, wander, have coffee, wander, have beer, etc. We borough hopped all day from Queens to Brooklyn to Manhattan and back.
Friday morning started with coffee and our first trip Brooklyn of the day for a sample sale at Swords-smith in Williamsburg. It was filled with pretty things from In God We Trust, Samantha Pleet and Family Affairs. Of course I wanted to take half of it home with me.
We had our picture taken in matching Charlotte Taylor dresses.
After spending some money we want to McCarren Park and sat for awhile on a bench and caught up before a walk into Greenpoint and the WNYC Transmitter Park for a peek at Manhattan.
We went back to Queens and quickly met up with Rich. By that time we were starving so we went to one of my favorite local spots, Queens Kickshaw, for some beer and grilled cheese sandwiches.
We stopped taking pictures for quite awhile while we went back to Brooklyn to meet up with Emily for a drink and then into Manhattan for Rebel Night at Otto's Shrunken Head. We had beers, danced, talked blogs, took photobooth pictures and I went by the name Emily so that we could all introduce ourselves with the same name.The three Emily's at the end of a lovely day.

13 August 2013


This past weekend Rich and I drove upstate in New York, away from the city lights, to see the Perseid Meteor Shower at a friends house. Before we left I envisioned some themed outfits for a nighttime look at the heavens. (See also: What I would wear if I were the Doctor's companion journeying through space and time.)

Stargazing 2

Stargazing 1

stargazer 3

09 August 2013


Something simple for summer days and sunshine filled beer gardens. This is how I looked last weekend for a birthday party in Manhattan even though it has a distinctly eastern Long Island/Hamptons vibe to it.

American Apparel Hampton Shorts (which I got for free!??)
vintage lace shell, Brimfield
vintage sunnies, American Deadstock (similar here)
"Holiday Wise" vintage shoes
vintage market bag

03 August 2013

Basic instincts

My old college uniform of jeans and a tee shirt comes back to me so easily, like a basic instinct. Despite my love of the foofy, colorful, pretty dresses sometimes I just need to go back to it. I found this Grateful Dead gem at Beacon's closet on a recent shopping trip with Callie and Nicole. I love the golden color, and that its just a little wonky from years of wear by who knows how many Dead fans.
Its also interesting to note that this outfit garnered a lot of attention on the street. When I left work on Friday I was stopped three times by people complimenting my style, shirt and shoes. Maybe I was just exuding confidence in my old standbys.
Vintage Tee via Beacon's Closet
Vintage bag (Similar here)
American Deadstock vintage sunglasses
Kork Ease sandals
BDG pants

Instagram July

Its been a busy month and somehow I managed to lose my Instagram icon in my sidebar. Here is how my month looked through my phone and you can follow me @kallieish.
Rich and I went out east to Greenport, Long Island. We rode bikes, sat on the beach and drank wine. Our hotel also had really kitschy vintage sheets that I wanted to take home with me.

Going for rides in the Bronco with the top down and hanging out being silly before the Color Run 5K.
I got crafty with modeling clay and now I just want to hang out at home and make pretty beads all day.
My friends from summer camp and I got together for a little reunion. So good to see them and catch up now that we're all grown up.
We had a bit of a cold snap so I wore my new sweater, had a massive smoothie and took selfies at the office.

02 August 2013

Three things...

Where do I go when I don't blog for days on end? My job as a media research analyst, its extremely glamorous if you get really excited about a well organized Excel sheet. Wardrobe fun keeps me sane. Here is a little workplace inspiration I've been looking to lately in the heat of summer.
This jacket, guys. This jacket. I went down to Greene St. today to the Acne Studios store to try it on in all its glory expecting to race home and plunk down a major wad of cash at their online sale. When I tried it on I had so many expectations. In my imagination I looked chic and cool and classic. That I would fall in love and never want to take it off. What I saw in the mirror was a beautiful coat made for someone that is not me. It was boxy, heavy and downright awkward. It did nothing for me and I did nothing for it. We parted ways and I feel a little (a lot) sad about it.
And here is an outfit from two weeks ago that I didn't really like and never posted. I suppose sometimes its good to show things I wear that I'm not satisfied with to learn from it. I just didn't like the proportions or my accessories and I was posing awkwardly which is directly correlated to how much I like an outfit.
TGIF. Its 9:20PM, I just ate an enchilada the size of Texas and its time to sleep.
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