02 July 2013

You belong in the city, I’m wrong for the city, switch on a sad song when I’m gone

Last Friday night Juli came to New York for a visit and we drank wine outside under an awning in the rain and talked about growing up and where we were eight years ago when we met at college. Its strange to think it was so long ago, because it feels like I can reach into my mind and pick out a memory like it happened yesterday.
The rain stopped, the sun set, and we went to Manhattan where Courteney was having a rooftop party. She's leaving for Massachusetts at the end of the summer and we were celebrating her last week in this apartment. Here's Mike visiting from Florida with his friend who's name I can't remember.
The night wore on and the roof got quiet so we moved most of the party to a bar filled with music and dancing crowds but also managed to get an almost-everyone picture.
Hey there!
The last picture of the night, just a dancing blur. After this there was a long walk to a diner for late night french fries and stayed out until the early morning.
Post Title- Islands: Switched On


  1. Your dress look like it's nice. Daisy motifs 4life. I think other than the fact that I couldn't afford to go to the college of my dreams (private creative colleges are expensive here) I really regret not having made any friends in college. Cool post.

  2. Crazy-daisy-friend WHOO!!! I'm a big fan of all things daisy. Both of my dresses are daisy print in this post haha. I have a problem.
    Ugh, I did go to the college of my dreams (a huge state school) but only retained about 3 or 4 people I talk to regularly. Not to say I didn't have friends while I was there, but we all scattered in the wind post-graduation.
    All college is shamefully expensive...I could rant all day about it.


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